Acid Reflux - Trying to help a non-raw friend

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My friend who has suffered from acid reflux and upset stomach “for years” is asking me to take her to coach her through better grocery choices. Yay! She knows I eat raw and hears me espouse its benefits, and has been encouraged by some of my dietary tendencies that have worked for her (like drinking kombucha). I was thinking about recommending green smoothies and vitamineral green to help her stomach, but, being someone who has always had a hardy stomach, I’m not sure if these are the most effective changes she can make to feeling better.

Any former stomach-acid-problem-sufferers here have any experiences with what works best for acid reflux and heart burn??



  • Drinking green smoothies will change the acid levels in stomach. My acid levels did change for the better… they became more acidic… which is what you want. :o) But, once you stop green smoothies your stomach ‘juices’ become less acidic.

    A warm glass of water 15 minutes before eating helps too… I think it’s because it gets the juices flowing… I can’t remember. But, it certainly helps the digestion process.

  • Great, thanks. I thought I had heard that the problem is—not intuitively— a lack of acid, but I couldn’t find where I had learned that, so good to hear.

    Warm water is a good trick.

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