Concerned about "heat treated" mangos

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I just read that all mangos are “heat treated” to kill fruit fly larvae before shipping. Needless to say, I am totally dismayed. How true is this?


  • Nobody has anything to say about this?

  • Hi Moth, I saw on another site where people were talking about this that they are heat treated. Someone also said that they had seen the seeds sprout after that so I don’t know what to think. Boy, seems like it is always something isn’t it?

  • They are fine in y opinion. For me raw is about LIVING foods. The heat obviously does not kill the mango or it wouldn’t ripen, it would rot.


  • If producers will soak fresh produce in PPO and formaldehyde, it is hard to imagine there is anything they wouldn’t do.

    I Codex get’s there way, pretty soon they will all be irradiated.

  • Meditating:

    I think moth is talking about fresh mangoes. They are bathed in warm water before they come into the us or canada. but you are def right about checking out dehydration temps with the company.


    ps. about contacting companies: today I called the artisana nut butter people and was glad to find out that everything they make is truly raw. thats right, from harvest to end product they ensure that the temp never exceeds 115 degrees. they even have they cashews mechanically shelled instead of steamed. last time i called them they were still using some cooked ingredients.

  • NAGEV – Right after I posted the post you responded to I realized I misread Moth’s post. I edited mine but yours posted before mine did and now the thread doesn’t flow (but that isn’t always the case anyway).

    Business people do anything to pinch a penny without concern for how it might compromise other’s health. There aren’t many penalties for doing that.

    Alleged health professionals don’t care about nutrition either. I just visited a friend whose 14 year old child is in the final days or weeks of her life and I couldn’t believe the garbage they have been feeding her. The child has cancer, is being poisoned with chemo, irradiated, and you are feeding her that vile crap. I just don’t know which was worse.

  • I work for whole foods and this is what was on their blog:

    Here in the U.S. we get mangoes from all over the globe – we even produce a few here ourselves. The majority of the fruit we see comes from Mexico, but over the course of the year

    we can see fruit from Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Haiti, Costa Rica and, more recently, from India. To be allowed into the U.S. most of the fruit must undergo a process called Hot Water Quarantine Treatment to kill any fruit fly larva or mature insects. This is a process where the fruit is submerged in 115°F water for 55 to 110 minutes. This treatment process is ideal for the growing trade in organic mangoes as it adds no artificial inputs in post harvest. Some countries have opted for irradiation instead though- exposing the fruit to low levels of radiation to eradicate fruit flies. Due to this irradiation, you will not find Indian mangoes at Whole Foods Market.

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