Conspiracy of flour..

Has anyone ever thought about this? That pies for instance were made with walnut or pecan crusts and then people had to make money on them and they were made with flour. That all food was raw and then somehow it got cooked and now it’s going back again. Like lasagna was raw- someone thought to make noodles out of flour and cook it and now we’re going back.. I keep thinking about this has anyone heard of a history of food like this, of what happened with the invention of the flour mill, or is it too hard to prove because evidence of how raw food was prepared just isn’t around.. Just curious what you have heard or thought. Plus it seems sooo addicting.. .


  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    I don’t think those things used to be raw… It wouldn’t make sense, the reason cooked food like that (pies, noodles) became popular is because grains became common with agriculture. They were cheap and filling, good for the peasants. I don’t know if flour etc are specifically a part of that, in my opinion… What I noticed is things like… When a major chain, for example McDonald’s, makes changes to make them look “healthier” they tend to be just fake outs and actually just as bad, if not worse. Like instead of giving kids french fries, they give them apples in caramel sauce. Caramel sauce? Fat? Sugar? Food colouring? Wonderful. Or Orange Julius, with their chemical powder added to the juice, and yet they’re considered healthy. All the juice places with their pasteurized juices, really! Does that make sense?

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