H1N1 Flu shots and hand sanitizers?

Just wondering what the word on the street is about flu shots and hand sanitizers like purell.

My mother-in-law saw that they just bumped the H1N1 virus to pandemic status and she asked me if I would get a flu shot this year and I honestly hadn't thought about it. I am not a fan of putting stuff in my body, I don't use birth control and I very rarely if ever use pain relievers. I had the flu 2 years ago (oddly enough the same year I last had a flu shot) and I hadn't had it for almost 10 year before that with no flu shot. I feel like I have a pretty healty immune system as I rarely get sick. I try to take what the media says with a grain of salt and I feel like they are always making things way bigger than they are.

I also busted out the purell today while shopping and I hadn't really thought about what was in it, if it's leaching into my system and doing more harm than good? Any info would help! Thanks guys!


  • Well. I think they do more harm than good. Im in the medical field and I rather wash my hands than use that stuff even if it is 30 times a day. They kill 99% of germs and its that 1% thats the bad stuff. That will get you sick with all the new resistant strains. Its always best to just wash your hands for about 20 seconds and avoid touching your face or places that would get you sick if your hands are dirty. Also the flu shot this year doesnt cover the H1N1 but it will for later in the year.. H1N1 isnt any easier to get than the regular flu that goes around every year.

  • Thanks gemninja, I had a talk with my mom about the H1N1 virus as well and how people are making a big deal over it but that it's just as easy to get as the regular old flu. I don't think I will get the shot regardless just because I have a pretty healthy immune system. I would rather take the risk this year.

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