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Depression Help

Hey All,

I have been suffering from major depression recently. I'm never happy, never have any desire to do anything and cry all the time. I also get angry, irritated and anxious really easily and have suffered a few panic attacks in the past year. I've been eating mostly raw for about a year now, including green smoothies (which everyone seems to say will help depression) but I've been getting worse and worse. I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis, which I've been consistently taking medication for for at least six months. I don't want to take medication for my depression and want to lift it using alternative means. I was hoping raw would do the trick. I haven't been 100% though, and I think that will help a lot once I do. Right now I'm at the beginning of a two-week Master Cleanse, then I will attempt 100%. I was thinking that this MC would help a lot with my cravings. I have a lot of food sensitivities and allergies and I know that going raw will definitely help me in other ways, but this seems to be taking over my life.

Any suggestions?




  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    Definitely go through with that Master Cleanse. Although, whatever you do don't get discouraged by the first three days! I'm on day 4 right now and seriously thought I was going to die yesterday! But I feel amazing, optimistic, energetic and great today. It's really weird but it's awesome and I highly recommend it to you because i think it really could help your depression.

    I'm so sorry you're dealing with that. I know it's really really hard. I hope this helps alot and I wish you the best of luck and support in your journey.


  • blueyzblueyz Raw Newbie

    I have been hypothyroid since I was a kid and went through all the ups and downs before reallty figuring out what was going on for myself(not easy if can't dig out of the depression stage, can be totally thryoid even if 'blood levels' look OK). My first thought for you is to be retested for levels(T3, Vit D as well as TSH) or go to a naturopath for better help(over 30 years, I was horrible for last 15 until naturopath and looked at things more naturally).

    If you need to chat, me email is scienceteach72 at yahoo

    PS - yes raw helps, but for me not 100% raw and need to be more specific for my body (limit grains,no nuts - yes seeds, then dairy and meat IF it is local farmed and only 1-2 X a week). For me a lot of cravings also go along with adrenal fatigue, which most western med Dr's will NOT address seriously.

  • Hey Lilburger,

    So sorry to hear you've been feeling bad.

    I agree with blueyz and would definitely go and see a naturopath if you can afford it, they will be able to help work out what's going on with your hormones and balance them. There's lots of great things that can help with depression but if the endocrine system is the root of the problem you should probably see a practitioner cos they can make sure that you're addressing the underlying causes and that nothing clashes with your meds.

    Hormonal problems especially hypothyroidism, often cause depression and it could also be a side effect of your medication.

    One thing that I find really helpful for depression are Bach flower remedies. They're cheap, easy to use and have no side effects. There are a few that are indicated in different types of depression such as gorse when you feel really hopeless, mustard for when there is a sense of despair but you don't know why and sweet chestnut for a really desperate kind of depression.. the 'dark night of the soul' remedy.

    I really hope you get to the bottom of it and start feeling better soon. With lots of love xx

  • i agree with everyone about going to see a naturopathic doctor. and it may seem like a lot to spend, but playing the guessing game with herbs, supplements, foods, and anything else will be a lot of money and a lot of time. i have dealt with depression for many years. the worst time for me was late high school and my first year of college. i took a few different drugs... prozac, zoloft and i think one other. they helped a tiny bit, but i always went off of them because it was never enough help. i just had a hormone panel done through an apothecary and i think a lot of my problems are hormonal because i now (that i am older) notice a pattern and it def. revolves around my period. my point is to do something! i honestly cannot say why it took me so long to do something as simple as the hormone test, but i am glad i did. i really hope you can figure some stuff out and get on the road to better health!!

  • Yoga helped me considerably. I've been diagnosed with Bipolar and depression several times and never met well with results from prescription medications (zombified). The breathing/poses/meditation of yoga are all effective ways to help manage stress and its a definite mood booster. It stimulates the hell out of my body that's fore sure. Exercise in general always helps me on my "low" days. Hopefully my newly raw diet will assist as well.

    Hope this might work for you!

  • Check out Depression Free for Life by Gabriel Cousens. I just read it, as mental illness runs majorly in my family. One thing that really helped me was St. John's Wort, but I have more of a dysthymia - chronic low-grade depression. In his book, Dr. Cousens talks about the many factors that contribute to depression, and how most of it has a basis in nutritional deficiency. It can help you self-diagnose and figure out what supplements and eating plan would best help you. Getting out of depression is a process though, and you may need a multi-pronged approach: seeing a naturopath, a therapist, doing yoga, practising visualization, meditation, nutrition, supplementation, etc. Most important - don't cut yourself off from your support networks! Force yourself to hang out with your friends or family even if you don't feel like it. I tend to withdraw when I'm depressed but that only feeds the depression.

    It won't happen overnight, but keep taking care of yourself and you'll get there!

  • Hey thanks...

    I did read that book by Dr. Cousens, about a year ago. I started taking some of the amino acid supplements that he recommended and changed my diet as well. Probably should check it out again since it was so long ago that I read it and I'm still having issues.

    Must, must do more yoga and exercise. Running makes me feel really good but it really hurts my knees so I don't do it often. It's the only exercise that really boosts my mood quickly. But I do love yoga as well, maybe I'll try more of that and see....

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    I have nothing really to add, just that I'm grateful you're reaching out. A lot of people here care about you!

  • rawmamanibblesrawmamanibbles Raw Newbie

    I just suffered of a year and a half of terrible depression. And i was high raw! Step one. Stop eating Raw cacao, it's dangerous and causes the anxiety and depression to be worst. Step two: start taking a DHA supplement. For me i started talking Omega-Zen3. but seriously i was eating raw cacao everyday and death was knocking on my door( im my mind) within 3 days of me cutting out cacao i noticed a remarkable difference. now it's been 4 months since cutting out cacao along side of dha and im much much bbetter- a brand new person you could say. sometiimes i think ican have a small amount and the depression comes back with the vengence!!!

    Hope This Helps!

  • CaresCares Raw Newbie

    Never really suffered from depression myself but was reading a book by Phillip Day recently called 'The Mind Game' and it mentioned Niacin as being really good for depression.

    Really good read, I would encourage strongly that people read the book.

    Also see the DVD Making A Killing.

    Absolutely fantastic stuff :-)

  • Have you tried St. John's Wort?


  • Emily,

    About the running really helping- I know exactly how you feel. I am the same way- exercise helps me, but running is the best! Unfortunately, I also know what you mean about the knees. For several years I pretty much gave up running because of it. I did get an elliptical runner machine, and it helps some (but still not the same as a real run). I recently started back up trying to run some. I seem to be having some success by: running on a dirt track instead of concrete. Not running two days in a row (everyother only), and really trying to focus on my form. Sometimes things hurt because we are exercising while out of alignment. I looked into Chi running- and that gave me some good ideas. I'm also starting back up with very low miles and not increasing very fast. I hope it works, because I know what you mean about the running really making you feel good.

  • J AJ A

    Just thought to chime on re. running - running on soft ground (grass, forest floor) definitely not concrete will make things easier. Concrete is hard, soft ground will be a lot easier on your knees, ankles and pretty much your whole body. Plus you get a lot more variation if you run off track - you'll be using a greater variety of muscles with greater variation, you'll probably be jumping over obstacles now & then etc. all of this helps you to use your body in a more varied way which your body will love. Our bodies were not designed for long distance running and definitely not on concrete / other hard surfaces. Modern shoe technology helps some but the fact remains - our body needs a great variety of movements and preferably not the same movement all the time. Climbing is among the best, swimming real good, too (though I'd avoid non-natural [chloride] waters).

    Hope you'll find your path, I don't suffer of depression myself but been living 6+ years in a relation with one who definitely does! In my opinion, some depression probably comes out of nutritional deficiencies but a lot of it is purely emotional - early childhood stuff etc. Connecting with your heart through meditation, yoga, chi gong etc. are ways to explore your emotions and see where they come from. Some people find help in things such as rebirthing, Rosen therapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) etc. You could google them and read more, maybe you'll feel like trying one or more of them. I have a friend who thinks EFT is great, he's had a lot of help of it even though he's never been depressed. EFT is free, too, unless you pay for lessons - but the basic instructions can be found for free at http://www.emofree.com/downloadeftmanual.asp. Based on what I've read, personally I'd probably try Rosen therapy if I was depressed but it all depends on what feels right to you.

  • I agree with the yoga advice. I have Addison's Disease so I know the feeling of deep depression that comes with messy hormone levels. I found a great detoxifying yoga routine on exerciseTV available on my cable that NEVER fails to make me feel better and more at peace with my body. I liked it so much I bought the DVD from amazon for $10. SOSOSO worth the $10! It's called Yoga for Beauty with Rainbeau Mars, there's two DVDs an AM and PM workout. Most of the AM version is on exerciseTV channel. Try it, I promise it'll make you feel better!

  • tobyrtobyr Raw Newbie

    Depression's like a dark cloud that just won't budge sometimes. But check it, there's light at the end of the tunnel, and you ain't gotta go it alone.

  • tobyrtobyr Raw Newbie

    Talking about your anxiety is a big first step, so kudos to you for opening up about it. It's normal to feel anxious, and it's great that you're finding ways to cope. If you ever need someone to talk to or just want some extra support, consider reaching out to a drug help hotline. They're there to listen and can offer advice on managing anxiety without judgment. Remember, it's okay to take things one step at a time and to be kind to yourself.

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