Gardening question- did I ruin the Zucchini?

Hey all!

So this year I attempted container gardening on my balcony (west facing). I have zucchini started from seed in pots and in a raised bed. They started well (I guess) - lots of big leaves and then eventually little inch long zuccs with flowers on the ends (which withered away). The potted plants got them first. I thought I was in the clear and started fantasizing about having so much zucchini that I leave it on the neighbor's doorstep (like the abundance you here about when people grow zucchini). But the fruit hasn't gotten any bigger! And now I have blossoms on long stems that are NOT little baby zucchinis. And some of the leaves are starting to look a little weak. Did I do something wrong? I had gotten books and looked on the internet, and i don't THINK I saw anything about pruning, but I have a feeling I should have pinched off those flowers.


  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    You don't need to pinch the flowers off. In the beginning some of the zuccinis won't mature, but then later they will. I don't know about growing them in a container, but in my garden, they need no maintenance at all. The two main things around here that get them are powdery mildew and squash bugs, but both of those will be evident. It may be that they need a little more time to get going. I wonder if they need big containers, my plants get gigantic, 4 to 6 feet in diameter.

  • oops. Yeah the room thing could be it! Thanks for answering!

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