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low-fruit, nut-free raw vegans

Hi there, I don't do well with fruit and I have a life-threatening nut allergy. I was wondering if anyone else relies mostly on vegetable dishes and if there are some good recipes too. Thanks in advance!



  • Maybe you don't do well with fruit because you have too much fat in your bloodstream? What are you eating? We'll try to help!

  • Do any fruits work? I know that my body handles an orange differently than it does berries (I do better with berries). Do seeds like sunflower or pumpkin work for you? What about hempseed? I hope you are able to find your answers.

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    I am currently on a no sugar anti candida diet. And I am also having liver problems so I'm not digesting fats normally. Therefore I am on a low sugar, low fat raw diet. Honestly, almost every meal I eat is a salad. Today I made some cracker bread which I made from mostly sprouted buckwheat, a little soaked sunflower seeds, carrots, celery, onion, garlic, and italian seasonings. So I made a sandwich with lots of greens and veggies on top of that. The easiest seeds for me to digest are pumpkin and sunflower, especially if they are soaked. I also make nori rolls with lots of sprouts and veggies. I can tolerate oil okay, so I usually make some vinaigrette type salad dressings for my salads. I also make pesto and eat that on zucchini noodles. Another good meal is marinara sauce with zucchini noodles. If you have any specific questions feel free to email me if you have any questions. I know how hard it can be to have so many restrictions on what you can eat. 

  • this is sooo helpful, thank you Erin!

  • thank you everyone for your helpful responses

  • can you eat any seeds? These may be the best way to get lots of calories in. With any nut recipe i usually use sunflower seeds in place of cashews. An awesome snack is to open up a mejdool date, remove pit, spoon in a bit of tahini, close and nom nom. These are good before or after a work out for muscles. Coconuts and avocados are a great way to get your calories in too. Chia seeds are great too- throw some chia gel into a smoothie or make it into a pudding. I do lots of veg and greens too, just know youve got to eat a lot.

    Do you like green smoothies? I don't do well with too much fruit either- its too much sugar for me. But green smoothies rock my world. Try adding ground flax or hemp to a green smoothie.

    Fermented foods might help you too. Theres nothing better than a raw kim chee. Its not high in cals but so good for your digestion.

    Also sprouting pseudo-grains may be a viable option for you too- things like buckwheat, amaranth or quinoa. Don't sprout large beans, they're hard on the tummy to break down. Look into rejuvalac and essene bread if youre ok with wheat berries.

    I don't think the raw world has to be the either/or world of high fruit/low fat or high fat/ low carbs that it seems to be turning into. Theres room for moderation and balance, and finding your own way.

  • thank you so much wichten! very helpful =)

  • suekosueko Raw Superstar
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    I consume no fruits, and no grains as a result of some current health problems. I have a diet with lots of variety that I am satisfied with. I use pumpkin and sunflower seed pates, cheezes and dips; salads for most meals; stuffed bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery; collard and lettuce wraps; chia smoothies for breakfast; raw soups. Flax crackers are good spread with pates etc. My favorite snack is celery stuffed with raw almond butter. Feel free to contact me for any ideas and I'll be glad to share with you what I have. Good luck.

  • @sueko If you're not consuming any fruit at all you must be eating cooked because every cell on your body runs on glycogen (sugar). It doesn't compute.

  • Well, there are sugars in vegetables, although perhaps lower concentrations. And... I believe that tomato is a fruit.

  • @eecho You obviously didn't understand me when I said your body RUNS on sugar. You need more than a lb of vegetables to fuel a human being.

  • Yes but the body is adaptable, and even us high and mighty raw vegans barely know anything compared to everything that there is to understand. If a human being can live on the SAD then I don't think its a stretch to think a human being could live on vegetables only...

  • It's ridiculous to think a human could live on vegetables. It is not possible. You probably binge a lot.

  • I think its ridulous to assume such a thing about someone, before considering that maybe you don't have all the details. Or *gasp* maybe you have some type of misconception. Its at least worth asking for more details, before making an accusation... I mean, isn't that just like someone saying it's not possible to get enough protein without meat? Weren't you one of those people once? I think its possible that she might eat some cooked food or something, but I'm going to inquire for the missing data before assuming/accusing of that.

  • You are not physiologically different than I am. We are human beings, human beings can simply not live off a vegetable diet. There is no getting around this, you are wrong.

  • So what you are saying is that it is absolutely impossible that you have misinformation or incomplete data, and that you are therefore entitled to assume whatever you want about anyone, without even considering that they have reasonable knowledge too? Ok.

    P.S. Wrong about what? I'm not arguing, I just don't think that we should judge each other so quickly. A more methodical and respectful approach is appropriate.

  • I mean, I don't even know, what is the percentage difference of sugar in fruit vs. vegetables? Does anyone actually know this data or do they just have a vague assumption of "fruit = high sugar, vegetables = low sugar or no sugar"? What is the amount of sugar that a human being needs every day, and how much / what kinds of vegetables would they need to eat in a day in order to fulfill this requirement? Is this a feasible amount of food?

    I don't know the answers to these questions, and I don't think that a scientific opinion can be made without knowing them, just a generalized opinion based on vague assumptions like "well, there's not much sugar in vegetables".

  • I apologize for the multiple posts, but something else to note is that she doesn't eat zero fruit, she eats "low" fruit. Just another reason why it is inappropriate to make accussations such as binge eating. That's really all I'm saying, is let's look at the rest of the data before coming to harsh conclusions.

  • suekosueko Raw Superstar

    I eat 100% raw, no cooked foods, no binging. No fruit or grains. Works for me.

    Your liver will make enough sugar (glucose) for your body through a process called glyconeogenesis. ALL carbohydrates are converted to glucose and by that means our bodies "run on sugar". There are carbohydrates in nuts, seeds, sprouts and vegetables, all of which I eat in moderate to heavy quantities. Relax, I'm fine.

  • Sueko, You sound a lot like a Robt Young follower. Just curious, are you?

    Also, just wondering if you've ever tested your ketones? You can do this with pee sticks, much like pH .....

    Thanks for sharing,

    Mary Kay

  • suekosueko Raw Superstar

    Marykays1 -- No, not a Robert Young follower, will have to look him up, never heard of him.

    Yes, I have been testing ketones for years, but not recently.

  • That sounds horrible, why make your body do so much work when you can eat the simple sugars as is? You must be terribly sedentary, as that is a poor choice of fuel not fit for anyone who is active. I exercise a minimum to 4 hours a day and burn a minimum of 1500 calories a day, I could not handle that. You must be very disciplined, or lying. Cheers.

  • Just to add to that, you can most definitely live on veggies without fruits just fine. Carrots, for just one example, have equal to, if not more natural sugar than most fruits out there. Fruits are great cleansers, but it is very possible to eat a well-rounded and more importantly, healthy diet with low to no fruit intake.

  • THESE ARE FRUIT: stuffed bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers

    I like how people who eat fruit are saying they don't.....and we wonder why people think non-dairy creamers actually have no cow milk powder or caseinate in them.

    Hey, whatever floats your boat, but I highly doubt people cure (just suppress their symptoms temporarily) their candida from such a diet. I've seen a few testimonials from former candida sufferers who do high fruit, low fat who cured the problems caused by cooked food, animal products, and lack of fruit.

  • I recommend checking out the site 30 bananas a day (30BaD) for more information about a fruit and veggie lifestyle (as well as dealing with candida).

  • Sheesh. It is sad to say but I have noticed some people around here (more new comers) are awfully rude and I have seen more flame wars as of late. Very sad...they should be modified a bit better in my opinion. If people cant make positive comments in a SUPPORTIVE fashion then they should be removed! I had an account a while ago and then rejoined a couple months ago, peoples attitudes have really changed.

    59sound. You offer comments filled with negativity and zero research or sites for your claims. If you are going to make such "Matter of fact claims' you should at least back them up, otherwise you will get zero response or support from people. No offense but you have to admit you have been a bit rude. It's funny, this lifestyle has turned me into a more positive, outgoing, respectful person. Thought it would have done the same for others.

    Sorry...I had to say something!

    BTW 59sound...I joined 30bad (I mentioned it in another forum and its the one you recommended) and I am pretty stoked to fully get started. It seems as if there are as many variations of the Raw lifestyle as there is the good ol' vegetarian lifestyle. I will be excited to be more part of the 'lower fat' more fruit oriented side of Raw foods. Hearing peoples success stories with that aspect and side of it.


  • yea i think fruit plays a major role in any diet. if i ate all greens I don't know what i'd do.

  • I think everyone needs to chill out. Our bodies are unique and our food intake (variety, type, amount) varies from person to person. If someone wants to live on vegetables with few sprouts and nuts/seeds, let the person be happy eating it. Eating (sweet) fruits on a raw diet is not absolutely essential. It's about how you feel and how much energy your food gives you.

  • I feel more alive on a fruit diet ,I dont know why. I eat dehydrated buckwheat once an awhile, if I want something different. But to tell you the truth every time I eat it I cant stop eating it, and then when I end up eating a 335 gram bag of it I feel like Im going to fall asleep or i feel sluggish and week, And i get dehydrated. I dont eat any other nuts or seeds. I dont want to eat buckwheat anymore because I know when I buy it and eat it I can go through awhole bag in one day and I just dont feel good as, eating fruit all day., Im guessing its because its the only dense food Im eating. When I chew on the buckwheat , its almost like chewing on some sort of cracker, bread or sort of a cooked rice meal ,i dont know, I have nothing else more. I only eat fruit and the same ones everyday, there isnt much variety with organic fruits in stores. I usually buy, grapefruit, gala apples, tomatoes, bell peppers, pears, and raspberries. I used to eat oranges, but I get a bad reaction in my stomach and I always have to go to the bathroom, with diahrea, and my stomach gets baloated:S. So I cut out oranges out my diet. Besides fruit, The only different thing I eat is sprouted mung beans, I can easly digest those:) thankfully!! They are so crunchy and sweet!. I say eat what makes you feel good inside, dont eat something that you dont like just because someone else is telling you its the best way to go, Ive learned on the raw diet on what certain foods are good for me, and How I digest them and how it makes me feel. Enjoy life, you only have one!!! Its no big deal if you eat a cooked lentil soup or some rice. Im not eating any cooked food,im 100% raw now its been more than a year, I know that I feel so much better on raw:) who knows on the long run, I might go back to eating a little cooked rice, lentil or steamed veggies, but I will always eat fresh fruit and veggies!! fresh is the best:) But its up to you!!, cooked food is still healthy for the body, depends what kind of cooked food.. If your going out for a mcdonalds big mac, with large fries and a coke, that is a bad choice!! Have fun on raw, dont get stressed , relax:)

    And Have a HAppy Easter everyone!!!!

  • Hey pearjoy (cute name!!),

    Most of the nut recipes can be made with pumpkin or sunflower seeds instead (with regards to pates, creams and cheeses), hemp seed is quite good also. I love salads (always have), especially with sprouts. And I really like making raw taco wraps (collard green for the wrapper, stuffed with raw homemade salsa, guacamole, lettuce, and curried lentil sprouts). Lentil sprouts are super easy to do and I sprout mine for a while - until both the leafy green bit and the root emerge, which makes them softer and easier to chew and all round delicious.

    You could do raw soups with tomato, cucumber (can you eat non-sweet fruits like tomato and cucs?), spinach

    It's really just about getting enough calories but you can easily get there with avocado, oils and seeds. Like 1TBSP of oil has like 120 calories so wouldn't worry about it.

    ok I've made myself hungry now...

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