cheap dehydrators?

i found some super cheap dehydrators on ebay, i am wondering if i should hold out until i have the money for a nice one or just get something like this to start? would i be wasting my money?


  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Are they the round ones? If so don’t waste your money, you can’t do very much in those. Save your money for a good one that has space and a good fan. Excalibur is a very popular raw foodist dehydrator. You can get a good one for around 100$.

  • OMG !!! I have a round cheapo dehydrator, and yes if u r gonna do alot of dehydrating don’t bother, but then again it has got me through, I got this one at walmart last year, it is a pain to make breads and stuff but I can suffer through for awhile till I can aford an excaliber. I can’t wait, I keep holding off i just know i am going to find one at a yard sale, around here you know alot of people don’t know what treasures they have been holding on to for years and just get rid of them and here in kansas there aren’t alot of people who are going raw. I might just have to buy a new one.sorry to be rambleing I just put some onion bread in the old round dehydrator and the smell is makeing me insane, I just love it. Good Luck !!!!and don’t wait to long u are missin out on the good stuff.

  • I too have a cheapo from walmart. It has been very good though. It does take a bit longer to dehydrate things but it was worth the money. I think it was 25 dollars and it has a knob to adjust the temp. I used a thermometer to measure the heat on the inside and it was rather accurate.

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