Another Conspiracy..…

Hey I just saw this on the internet. I think it’s a pretty interesting concept. Has anyone tried this stuff or heard of this before?

Basically it says that we have been given the smallest amount of iodine in salt to keep us from getting goiters but that we need a lot more of it but it is hard to get because of depleted soils and lack of sea vegetables most people eat.

There are so many elements of nutrition that are so important. I’m not big into supplements but can see how important seaweed is if this is basically true.


  • A form of Iodine is the only supplement I’m taking right now, as per my nutritionist’s recommendation (and blood tests showing a great deficiency). If I ate sea vegetables every day, I’d get enough, but salt definitely doesn’t help.

  • Hi Ray. That’s interesting to know.Did you find out from your Dr. by chance? It doesn’t seem like something Dr.s usually test for. But more people should get tested if this is the case.

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