Don't want to gain weight after Master Cleanse

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I just started the Master Cleanse today. I decided to do the cleanse because my digestive system is out of whack (been eating junk all summer), I want to return to a healthier diet, and I want the spiritual focus (I'm a middle school teacher and school starts soon). The weight loss is a huge bonus. I'm about 30 pounds over weight and continue to struggle with my weight. I hear that one gains all the weight lost on the cleanse because it is mostly water loss. How very sad :(

Has anyone successfully kept the weight off? If so, how?


  • I did a 12 day Master Cleanse at the beginning of July and I have lost even more weight since that time because I have had no food cravings, I have been drinking more and my digestive system is running very smoothly. I am frankly shocked at how great this cleanse worked for me. I will definitely do it again in a few months and this time I don't think I will be so fearful or tentative. The first three days were awful, but I hung in and I would have been able to continue the cleanse longer, had I not been going camping with my family.

    One thing that I have done since the cleanse that has helped enormously is to continue drinking the lemon juice mix in the morning for breakfast. I eat only fruit at lunch and a really substantial dinner, but I make sure not to stuff myself. Then I drink lots and lots of herbal teas until bedtime - nettle, oatstraw, raspberry leaf, any Numi tea (out of this world!) and I always sweeten them with stevia so that it feels like desert.

    Best of luck with your cleanse and do your best to hang in because it will be well worth it!

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