Juice Feasting Support

Hello all-

I've really been struggling to stay on my 100 day juice feast. My cravings are getting the better of me more than I care to admit. I'm trying to stay positive and remember that it's not the number of times I fall off the horse that's important but the number of times I get back on... but that's kind of hard for me to remember sometimes.

Currently, I drive an hour to and from work every day. I'm looking for supportive materials that I can listen to in the car to help solidify my commitment. I've looked on Audible and haven't found a whole lot. I thought you folks might have some more ideas.




  • juicefastfanjuicefastfan Raw Newbie

    Dr. Richard Schulze has audio tapes available. I've thumbed through some of his books at a health store, and they seem like pretty standard stuff so he may be worth a look at. I've never purchased anything of his so I can't really tell ya too much else about him, other than I know he sells tapes and videos. =)


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