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Ok I cant find raw organic almonds, and I have done some research and found out it is illegal now to not pastuerize almonds??? I found a couple of places to get them online, and found a small container at my health food store for an arm and a leg (but also read that sometimes those arent really raw) Wow confused, so how do you guys handle this, substitute or do you know a good place to get almonds? Almond milk is soooo good....


  • Unfortunately, I haven't found a way around this. I try an alternative nut in recipes or if I'm in need of an almond fix I just use the pasteurized ones.

  • http://www.livingnutz.com/index.html

    These almonds are truly RAW and unpasteurized.

  • JoyceHJoyceH Raw Newbie

    Has anyone recently purchased nuts from these folks:


    A year or so ago some folks here on goneraw had great luck with these almonds. You can get a 10 lb bag for $60.99 and free shipping.

  • Wow! Non raw almonds that say they are :-( Luckily, I live in CA right now and almonds LITERALLY fall from trees around me! Yay! However, when I lived other places I always bought them from whole foods bulk bins and this is still where I get my macadamia nuts from. It states on the bin"Raw Almonds" (vs. the other ones they sell). Is this label incorrect?

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    they are raw almonds because they are not roasted. it doesn't mean they aren't pasteurized though.

  • LilEarthMuffinLilEarthMuffin Raw Newbie

    if you have a target near you, you can buy raw almonds in bulk. its ten dollars for i want to say 32 ounces. they are not organic, however it is cheaper and more economical than paying shipping in my opinion :)


  • geicageica Raw Newbie

    Yeah, unfortunately in English, "raw" has two different meanings:

    there is the widely spread "raw" as in "we haven't put any salt or sugar coating and haven't roasted theses (- oh but yeah: we dried them at 75

  • I get my almonds from a small farm in California. They are certified organic, real raw 2009 crop almonds, untreated. They are only $8.00 a pound and are delicious. Their number is 1-877-372-9688.

  • hannahmariehannahmarie Raw Newbie

    i also get mine from a local farm. i just found them at my farmer's market and asked if they pasteurized their almonds and they said nope :) yay!

  • Does anyone know if they pasteurize almonds in Aus? I'm guessing they do, but I just wondered...

  • I just received my first order of almonds from a place I actually found through Facebook. A friend became a fan so I checked them out. They are raw and unpastueurized and right now they have free shipping for orders over $20. I believe its $4.49 per 8oz bag.


  • NyahzNyahz Raw Newbie

    brownie, can you let us know how those almonds are? I actually just ordered from that same site after seeing it on a different member's post, prolly won't receive until next week. thx!

  • Try D&S Ranch:


    They're out of Central CA - their ranch is in the valley, and they pack them up in the hills near Yosemite. I called a few days ago to see if they had a physical store (I live nearby) -- they don't, but the guy on the phone was very nice - def check them out.

  • Hey Nyahz, the almonds are great! So far I've munched on a few plain but have mainly used them for a raw raspberry cheesecake :) YUM. I plan on making some almond milk this weekend. I will definitely order from them again. They included a coupon for 10% my next order. I'm sure you will enjoy your almonds also!

  • Green smoothie girl is offering raw almonds $3.00 /lb . See greensmoothiegirl.com group buy.

  • NyahzNyahz Raw Newbie

    brownie, wish i got the coupon too! maybe my order wasn't big enough. these almonds were pretty tasty, for delivery, the price is right!

  • SimplyRawesomeSimplyRawesome Raw Jr. Leader

    Truly raw almonds are going to run you in the $15.00/pound range and you'll have to order them from outside the U.S. I am fortunate that my local health food store gets their raw (unpasteurized) almonds from Spain.

    Here are a couple of resources to get organic, unpasteurized almonds:



  • You can still get unpasteurized CA almonds but it has to be from the growers' "farm store". Online is okay too from the farm stores. The pasteurization law in CA comes from the state almond board and it's designed to affect small growers to the benefit of the big growers like Blue Diamond. Bastards.

    Here are some sources for raw CA almonds:



    I'm so with everyone who has made it her/his mission to find raw almonds - ALL raw food in fact - from small local growers. Just my little way to stick it to Big Agriculture! LOL

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