How to not Dehydrate

I have been doing RAW cleanses every month or so for the last year and one thing has been nagging at me. I really want to try all those wonderful recipes that use the dehydrator, but I can't bring myself to buy one of those plastic cancer machines. Plastic is a horrible chemical creation that is known to give cancer, especially because it leaches into foods when warm. I can't afford a stainless steel one, and besides, they use teflon sheets anyway. Is there an alternative?


  • lunamamalunamama Raw Newbie

    Wow!! Maybe that's why I haven't gotten one yet!!! Plastic IS horrible! I do know that Excalibur now makes non-teflon sheets in addition to the teflon ones, because I didn't want to use teflon either. I didn't know there are stainless steel dehydrators!! I must check that out. I plan to make a solar dehydrator for next summer, but for the winter, I don't know what to do...You have inspired me to further my thought processes/dilemma about the sustainability of an electric dehydrator. Thank you!

  • You can make one and use it indoors in the winter.

    I am working on one now.

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