My cinnamon roll adventure

jenergyjenergy Raw Newbie

OK, so I had some almond pulp in the fridge from making almond milk, and after reading some posts here and looking at recipes yesterday I decided to make the cinnamon rolls. I was a little daunted by the recipe, but it had such rave reviews I decided to try it.

Mistake number one: waiting until this morning – while simultaneously trying to get myself ready for work and my 9-year-old son (let’s call him “turtle boy”) ready for day camp – to attempt this recipe.

So I’m in a big fat hurry to begin with. I was doing great, actually, until the part about blending the dates, water and vanilla into a smooth, yummy paste. What I got was a big, fat mess… a dirty food processor that sprayed water all over the counter despite the little guard thingy that’s supposed to prevent just that, a dirty blender because the S-blade in the food processor kept spinning off it’s base and making this horrible scary WWWWWIIIIIIIINNNNNGGGGG noise, necessitating the transfer to the blender, which didn’t quite make it all the way into the blender without adding to the slop on the counter, and a batch of lumpy, watery date almost-puree-more-like-soup. I’m thinking maybe when the recipe said to use SOFT dates, there was a reason. I kept having flashbacks of when I was a kid and my sister and I would make crazy weird concoctions with every spice & ingredient we could think of, destroying the kitchen in the process (I have a mother who’s very tolerant of the fallout from creative expression). I had bowls and appliance parts and ingredients all over the place!

Heh… but I’m nothing if not persistent (ahem… bullheaded) and so I soldiered on. All in hurry-up mode, of course. I dumped the date, er, stuff into the almond & flax mixture, added the olive oil and agave, stirred it all up into a homogenous mass and what I ended up with was a very fragrant, quite delicious, goop. Threw the goop into a large ziplock and shaped it roughly into a cylinder, tossed it in the fridge (literally… I was flying at this point and it bounced back out and hit the floor… hehehe, thank goodness for ziplock), threw all the dishes into the dishwasher and called it good.

So tonight when I get home, I’m hoping to find a nicely firmed-up log that I can cut into slices and dehydrate for a while, and I’ll call it cinnamon roll cookies. If it’s still goop, I’ll eat it with a spoon and call it good. ;o)

Oh, and I was only seven minutes late for work. Ha.


  • now im intimidated to try it :P

  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    Hehe, I get that problem with my pathetic little blender many times… When you’re blending dates, you’re better off to either: a. blend them dry, on their own, until their chopped up nicely and then add the water or b. soak them in the water for a little while to soften them up. If I don’t do that, everything sprays gooey water all over. And I’m sure your cinnamon roll cookies will be good :c) I’m not sure how firm they would get because of the added moisture of mixing the filling, but it doesn’t matter, if you’re going to dehydrate them, it can be goop.

  • jenergyjenergy Raw Newbie

    Don’t be scared, jkd… I may have overdramatized just a teensy bit. Kind of a trait of mine. Makes for a funnier story, though. ;o)

    Morning_theft, I was thinking that if it’s still goopy maybe I’ll try straining it a bit, or adding some more dry ingredients… I dunno what I’ll find when I get home, but I will make something from this, and I will eat it. Honestly, it tastes pretty good as-is. But it’s definitely not cinnamon rolls! Haha.

  • Well. I have a fudge recipe thats requires only 4 items. By the end when Im done Im covered in chocolate and so is my kitchen :) But thats half the fun haha

  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    jkd… That does sound like fun… Do you just grab a spoon to clean yourself and your kitchen? :c)

  • Basically. Instead of licking the bowl after I make this (which I do) im eating it off my hands and arms, and scooping it up with my fingers on the counter.

    Im a very messy uncooker.

    I have that cinnamon roll recipe in my raw cook book (self made) but get so scared by the mess Ill make, but Ill do it soon.

  • jenergyjenergy Raw Newbie

    Haha… I give my mom a hard time and tell her I learned to be such a messy cook from her. We’re both notorious for using three or four bowls, pots, pans, etc. for something that only needs one, flinging ingredients, dropping eggs on the floor, etc. Heh. And I’m just as messy an uncook as I am a regular cook. Oh well, it’s a creative outlet for me, and anyway I think life would be pretty boring if it didn’t get messy. ;o)

  • Exactly. I just dont clean up very well. My whole house can be clean but my kitchen will be a mess.

    Whenever I am drawing, using charcoal, or painting I dont feel like I did anything until my arms and shirt are covered with whatever I am working with :)

  • writeeternitywriteeternity Raw Newbie

    Hi Jenergy. That is funny! When I made them they turned out really dry! I was afraid to add any water because I wanted my boyfriend to eat it and I knew he wouldn’t if it was too “raw.” I rooled mine in parchment paper. I also added walnuts to the flattened dough and raisins and more cinnamon then rolled it up so it looked like layers. The whole thing could be rolled in almond flour or cinnamon or even flax seeds. I used almond meal that was store bought so what you had may have been a lot moister to begin with. My boyfriend really liked it. That dish is one I would freeze because it is so rich you may not want to eat it every day. I feel like nuts are ok in the freezer and aren’t hurt nutrition wise like vegetables are.

  • jenergyjenergy Raw Newbie

    Well, when I finally got to my cinnamon roll log, it was nicely chilled… but not firm enough to slice. So I rolled them into golf ball sized balls,flattened them and dehydrated them for 12 hours at 115 degrees. Voila! Snickerdoodles! Heh… I actually got some nice, yummy cookies out of the whole cinnamon roll fiasco, yay!

  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    Right on! I’m glad it went well :c) Hey, you can call this something else and say it was a success!

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