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Need to find a lawyer who practices a raw vegan diet

jds8535jds8535 Raw Newbie


I was hoping someone could refer me to a lawyer who practices a raw vegan diet or is open to the lifestyle, and who might give me some legal advice regarding the acne drug Accutane. I just read that it has recently been pulled off the market for its link in causing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (along with other dysfunctions). Unfortunately I took this



  • ReflectorschReflectorsch Raw Newbie

    I don’t know any lawyer that specializes in the medical area. However, I can still advise you on the lawyer I usually contact when something bad happens to me, and I need to take legal action.
    You can talk to https://ucmjdefense.com/sexual-assault-article-120-ucmj.html and see what they say about that. They are good lawyers that helped me not once, and I trust them more than the other law firms. I am not sure about any of their lifestyles, but you can give it a try and see for yourself whether it fits you or not. You will not have to pay anything for the first consultation call, and you can discuss all the questions that bother you there.

  • Unfortunately, I don't know any lawyers who have knowledge in this area. But I can advise you on the website https://bsmlaw.com.au/our-services/civil-and-commercial-litigation-lawyers/, where I usually hire lawyers to solve my problems. I really like the conciliation tactics that the lawyers from this company use. If anyone doesn't know, conciliation is a form of dispute resolution in which the parties try to resolve a dispute through discussion. Conciliation is facilitated by a mediator who is an independent party who can offer options for resolving the dispute, provide relevant information, and encourage the parties to seek an agreement.

  • TammiTrueTammiTrue Raw Master

    Look for a lawyer who focuses on alternative medicine, standing up for the little guy, etc. That's what I would do. 

  • LucasLucas Raw Newbie
    Harmony1 said:

     Animal-minded attorney? What's animal-minded? 

  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    Maybe an attorney that fights for people who have to fight for their medical freedoms would be a good area of search. Food and medicine aren't too far apart. They're both something we should have control over in our own lives. 

  • paulmankinpaulmankin Raw Newbie
    edited August 2023

    Now, finding a lawyer who practices a raw vegan diet might not be as common, but they do exist. My suggestion would be to search online legal directories, social media groups focused on raw veganism, and vegan-friendly communities. You may find someone with a deep understanding of both worlds, ready to provide legal advice tailored to your specific needs. 

  • I can't say I've heard of a lawyer who specifically practices a raw vegan diet, but I totally get where you're coming from in wanting someone who aligns with your values. As for your concerns about Accutane, it's definitely a serious matter. I'm not a legal expert, but it sounds like you're dealing with some significant health issues potentially linked to the medication. It's crucial to find someone who not only understands the legal aspects but also respects your approach to health and wellness. I took a quick look at the link https://ndandp.co.uk/director-disqualification/ about director disqualification proceedings, and it seems like it's related to business matters. While it might not directly address your Accutane concerns, it's always good to be informed about legal resources.

  • timothymtimothym Raw Newbie

    IBS responds well to acupuncture

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