Overcoming grain addictions???

belikeyeshuabelikeyeshua Raw Newbie

I'm really thinking that I should not cut out grains completely... but I do know I need to cut them way back, and almost all if not all of them should be sprouted and/or fermented.

The thing is, I hardly have problems with anything else as far as food additions go. I've never had temptations to say... eat a disgusting factory made steak. And I do ok with sugar. Sometimes I want something sweet, and I use raw honey... which I'm thinking I really should not do too much of that too.

Anyhow, I have a real hard time getting over this grain addiction. Its like grains is what keeps me satisfied and gives me energy that I need. However, I know they are not good for me. While it gives me calories to burn (fuel), they often do not digest right, and they are highly acidic. I mean, people talk about meat being bad... I think a lot of grains can be just as bad.

And so I can eat all the veggies I want, and have tons of salads... then I'd still want to have a couple slices of bread. And often times, 4-5 slices. Its not good. And not to mention the oatmeal that I have most mornings (unless I have the ingredients to make a delish smoothie). And as for the bread... my mom makes it with 50% white and 50% wheat. The flour is probably rancid, and then she uses regular salt, soybean oil, sugar, yeast, etc. Although the sugar, oil, and salt is in small amounts... its still something I don't want to eat.

So, my option is to make my own sprouted wheat bread, and make my own sprouted wheat flour... and I think that's what I have to do. But then, I might just start eating tons of that and besides it being expensive, thats probably not a whole lot better then the regular, when consumed in excess.

So, I would appreciate what you have to say on this.



  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    I think as long as you eat the thing you are addicted to, your addiction will not be overcome. Most of us understand the want to eat something, a specific item or food group, very badly. We're not here to judge!

    Your grains SEEMINGLY keep you satisfied and give you energy, but fruit WILL give your body the energy you need. :)

    I'd say skip them for at least 6 months and go back if you please at that time, to 1 slice or 1 c. oatmeal per day. Anything more and your energy goes down the tubes, I think. Probably make it before bed as well.

  • i really hear you. i have a high metabolism and often resort to grains to keep me grounded. i've been successful with raw oatmeal and sprouted buckwheat groats.

    buckwheat is technically a fruit seed, so if you have sensitivities to grains, you could be safe with buckwheat. i have sprouted and dehydrated the groats so that they make a crunchy cereal. my favorite lately is buckwheat porridge - http://goneraw.com/recipe/buckwheat-porridge. i don't put that many dates in it mine. i put maybe two or three dates and then add raisins and sometimes almonds to the bowl for added texture and yumminess.

    as for the oatmeal, all it takes is a little overnight soak and a blend with warm water, dates or agave, cinnamon, and some almond milk.

    after these solid breakfasts, a green salad for lunch satisfies just fine.

  • sisterbeckysisterbecky Raw Newbie

    Would you consider brown rice? Personally, I don't think all grains are bad. Living off of white bread and donuts- yes. My holistic practioner that I went to for "energy work/meridan points kind of stuff" strongly suggested to me that I try the brown rice as opposed to avoiding all grains, and then binging later after not feeling satisfied for several weeks (which is what kept happening for me). You would have to see for yourself if it helps or not. So far, for me it has really helped.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    because grains never grow in the wild (they are products of human cultivation), they are a bad food at least for the most part. when I buy sprouted ezekiel bread I just end up eating like 5 slices, like you. if you don't buy the bread - you aren't likely to overeat it. buy a small serving of something if you think you're gonna go nuts without it. if there's a loaf around you're likely to eat a lot of it. if you taper off the amount you can get rid of the addiction.

  • Have you tried millet? Though grains are not ideal, millet is one of the only non acid forming grains, and you can cook it up like you would oat meal, you can make it sweet or savoury. Just my two cents, that's what I use when I'm having a real craving for grains (I am not 100% raw).

  • you might want to read Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine by Dr Gabriel Cousens. It should have some ideas in there for substitutions and loads of recipes. I think if you just start doing more greens, ie green smoothies, it helps any kind of addiction. also, it could be a lack of calcium, you might want to add brown sesame seeds too. mmmm tahini. im gonna go make some. good luck!

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