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belikeyeshuabelikeyeshua Raw Newbie

Here are some suggestions I had... you guys can do whatever you want with them.

I think you should make it so that people can submit PMs to other members on GoneRaw. It would be nice to eventually have chat rooms (in different sections just like the forums are), but for now... I think PMs are great. And then it would also be great if someone could have the liberty to choose to opt in to receiving PMs or opt out of receiving PMs. And also, people should be allowed to give their contact info (such as email and IM accounts and websites) if they really want to.

Also, although this might have little to do with goneraw, I think you guys should do some polls. Ask questions such as "what percent raw are you?" and "are you vegan or not?" And then if they are not vegan, you could have a few different multiple choice answers such as "I eat meat" or "I eat raw eggs" or "I eat raw eggs and milk." Or something like that. I've always wondered about those who browse goneraw looking for great recipes... and don't contribute to the discussions on the forums. It would be interesting to know percents, I think.

There was a couple others... but I don't remember them right now.

Be Blessed!!



  • belikeyeshuabelikeyeshua Raw Newbie

    Oh yeah...

    I do not know how the goneraw website is set up but I've done some web development work...

    Believe me, I'm no pro. I'm probably better at working on Linux (gentoo) and stuff like that.

    Anyhow, if the web hosting servers you are using are running Unix (rather than IIS), you can use gzip compression and what it does is it compresses your files so that the move over the web faster, and also makes it less bandwidth (for poor people like me who has satellite). Then, the browser is able to uncompress the files faster than what it would of taken to get the uncompressed file across the web.

    So, if you guy's do not have this going for you... you should look into it. It's a definite speed improvement, and easy too.

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