Nut Comparison Chart

Hi I just saw this, this morning.

It is pretty interesting. I hadn’t seen a whole chart like this before. I was looking at a bag of almonds I had and it had nutrition info on it. The only thing is is that it was wrong. It said 0 for vitamin E and I knew almonds where high in it.

So for instance I though it was kind of interesting that peanuts and sunflower seeds are really high in folate which is great for pregnant women and brain function in general. I know a lot of people are trying to stay away from peanuts but I had the biggest craving for them lately and I don’t normally really like them so maybe my body needed folate.

Almonds are super high in calcium and pretty high in iron but you have to eat about 1000 calories to get your rda.

Cashews have almost twice as much iron and zinc as almonds.

Pistacios are high in vitamin a- I don’t normally eat these but that’s good to know.

Brazil nuts are high in selenium which is great for immunity.

But also I am concerned with the fact that almonds won’t be available because they are a superior nut based on their vitamins and they have a mild taste that works so well with so many recipes.

Has anyone here thought about what nut you would switch to if almonds weren’t available?


  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    Neato-burrito! ... Raw burrito of course ;-)

    Thanks for the post!

    Yeah I agree, the almonds seem to be quite superior. I don’t know what would be the best replacement for them :-(

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