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Hi Everybody,

I am raw starting today! I was so excited to read through this forum. It will make it easier for me to know there are others out there... I am the only person I know personally who has chosen the lifestyle. I chose to go raw because of the health benefits. I'm anemic, and have been since my teenage years. Ever since doctors have been shoving red meat at me. It is obvious that my body doesn't want it, it quite literally revolts me. I can smell it from accross the room. A tell tale sign I shouldn't put it in my body. So I'm here to try something new and different. I will be supplementing the raw food diet with sushi grade fish until I figure out how to get my iron needs met (supplements make me ill). Suggestions welcome of course!

I like to eat, and I'm really excited to try new things! I purchased a pomegranite today, it was absolutley fabulous!

I look forward to getting to know you all on this adventure. Your insight is very much appreciated.

Thanks again!



  • SbutterAMflySbutterAMfly Raw Newbie

    Congrats on choosing the healthiest, most natural method of eating to help heal your body. You've made a wise decision for your body, mind and spirit. RAWSOME!!! :)

    I don't know much about iron, but I wanted to welcome you to the raw world, and wish you the best! You can do it

  • sisterbeckysisterbecky Raw Newbie

    Oh, also- make sure you check out the info about celiac's disease also causing iron problems. Just another possibility.

  • sisterbeckysisterbecky Raw Newbie

    Hi Kristin,

    Welcome. Just wanted to suggest a good vegan site on iron issues:

    Something to keep in mind. Eating more fruits and veggies is good for you. But, please don't assume that eating raw, vegan, or vegetarian will clear up your iron problems. One can be raw, vegan or vegetarian and get enough iron. But, if you are coming to this already with a health issue, please continue to address that problem.

    Has your doctor determined if it is a lack of iron in your diet, an absorbtion problem, etc? Have you tried tracking how much iron is in your diet? If not, you may want to check out the iron content of food choices.

    If your going to use plant based food for your iron sources, please be aware that many times the absorbtion of the iron from plants also depends on other foods being eaten at the same times. That kind of stuff is in the article I linked to. But, a quick summary: have vitamin C (tomatoes, oranges) at the same time as iron rich foods (like legumes or spinach). They make it possible for your body to access that iron.

    Also, there is a strong link between coffee, green and black tea and trouble absorbing iron.

    Also- if you are underweight (I'm guess this since you are anemic) make sure you eat enough! Especially strict raw vegan diets, very slender people sometimes have to make sure they eat enough so that they don't lose more weight. If you are already anemic, you don't need to have a "fail to thrive problem too."

    Good luck and check into your iron problem more.

    Oh, and a quick way to see if it's a vitamin c issue would be to just break down and get a vitamin C supplement (like the link says they tried with the anemic vegetarian children in India) to test the theory. If it cures it, you can try to slowly phase out the supplement as you increase your Vitamin C level with foods instead.

  • Thanks sisterbecky,

    That article was really great. My doctor has me on vitamin c and iron supplements. However, at the moment I'm not taking them at the same time (or as regularly as I should). The pills make me really stomach sick for 6 plus hours. I think I will try taking them together and see if that improves the situation. My iron issue is an absorption problem not an intake one.... I eat more spinach than any other human on the planet I think, it's no problem because I like it :)

    I'm pretty careful about getting my calories. I do sometimes have trouble consuming the required amount. I shoot for 1400 a day, but often come up short. I'm pretty normal weight about 5'4 and 109, but tend to lose when i exercise more.

    On a totally unrelated note. I'm located in the Frontrange area of Colorado. It was is the post description so I thought I would throw it out there.

    Thanks again sisterbecky, wonderful info!

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