Raw rocks!

I just want to say... I love being raw.

I used to be severely addicted to sugar... I mean, more than anyone I've ever met. When I first tried giving it up, it was worse than when I quit smoking.

Anyway, since I went raw and re-adjusted my tastebuds completely... I have completely kicked my sugar addiction!

I've tried some sugary things here and there recently and HATED it... the aftertaste of real sugar was AWFUL.

anyone else go from loving sugar to hating it as a result of raw??


  • RawaholicRawaholic Raw Newbie

    yup! The only sweet stuff I can handle now is fruit, yacon, and raw honey. Anything else (even agave) is just WAY to sweet for me.

  • Me. Not just the taste, either.

    I got a gift card to my local food co-op. and decided to try out some hemp milk ice cream (sugar was the sweetener). It was pretty good, but afterwards I had a stomach ache and I was irritable and snappy.

    THIS teenager is not a snarfer of pizza and ice cream.

  • that's awesome guys :)

    I couldn't believe it... I thought for sure I would be all about this little PB cup I made last night...took a couple bites and threw it out. Felt nauseous, and hated the taste and the film it left on my teeth. Ick!

  • I'm with ya! I love being raw! But it hasn't been THAT long so I still deal with my sugar addiction from time to time. The main problems seems to be when there isnt any good food to give my body the nutrients it needs, it starts wanting those nutrients from any source....so, when I'm out of greens, I want cheese or soy, when I'm out of avocado or EVOO, I start to want whatever fat is around, and when I'm out of fruit, I want sweets.

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