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So it has been a long time since I've eaten a raw diet. I've had a rough pregnancy so far and have suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's an extreme form of morning sickness that is usually diagnosed when a pregnant mom loses 10% or more of her body weight. It involves nearly constant vomiting for a large part of the pregnancy and many women who suffer have to go on medications or be hospitalized. Fortunately, giving birth cures it. Most of the foods I've been able to keep down are sugar-laden processed carbs, eggs, and dairy. Yuck. I've barely been able to eat many fruits and veggies.

My baby is due the end of March and I plan to be breastfeeding him just like I did with my daughter. I'd also like to transition into a 90-95% raw diet, which seems to be where my body has felt the best in the past. I'm worried that it will be like a detox after all this junk I've eaten for the past several months and that the toxins will pass through my breast milk. Is that the case? Would transitioning slowly help prevent this?

I'd also like to know what are the best foods while breastfeeding, How much of my diet should be raw veggies, how much of it raw fruit, how much of it nuts and seeds, etc? I'm not big on prep so it will probably be salads and just eating the produce as is or with nuts or raw seed butter tossed in.

Thank you all for listening and I look forward to any advice you have.


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    Although I wouldn't know personally, Jinjee of the garden diet did an entry of this on her blog, here's the link:

    just scroll down to you get to it and I hope this helps!

  • I was still nursing my daughter when I went mostly raw. I ate 50% raw for one month and then about 95% the next. She was about 16 months old and didn't show any signs of reactions.

  • i breastfeed my son, and eat about 90% raw... every body is different of course, and needs different calorie requirements. but generally, your diet should consist of about 70% veg and fruit, and the rest being whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, cold-pressed oils, etc. this is how i am eating, and my son is at a healthy weight, no deficiencies or other medical problems.. probably healthier than most kids! (in my personal opinion)

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