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Going Raw Again

...and blogging my journey.

Please check out my blog, and help me make it a great place!


My challenge: 100% raw until my birthday, April 6th! Here I go!


  • I am following. Your top picture (of the salad) made me drool.

  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie


  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    your recipes look so good!! for the cheesecake, did you juice the cherries yourself or buy cherry juice?? i'm wondering how many cherries it would take. i really want to try it.

  • I read your blog post--the same thing happened with me-- I was raw (successfully) for nearly a year--then BAM--mostly vegetarian/vegan--gained some weight back-- here i am ready to live the healthy life that i miss!! I wish you the best!! btw --beautful picture of the salad--yum


  • Thanks to you all for reading!

    This morning, I woke up with energy! After only 1 day! That's the kind of thing that reminds me why it's good for me, but I really need the public forum to keep me going, too!

    Sillystarfish: I grew that salad in my garden! :D

    Joanabanana: I bought pure black cherry juice, but I'll bet fresh cherries would be even better...Maybe 2 cups? Keep the pulp in?

    Rawcakes: Nice! I hope we can inspire each other...and have our bikini bodies back soon!

  • Remember to eat enough fruit to help curb cravings... You might look at 80-10-10 just to get it all going and help with the cravings. It helps me and I don't crave cooked foods or fatty foods really. on youtube ... search rawsynergytv she talks a lot about curbing cravings also check out durianriders videos on youtube. Might help you... it has helped me a lot! Heres my blog too.. www.myreallyrawlife.blogspot.com Hope this helps

  • Thanks BrunetteKet! I'm following your blog now, too.

    Fruit is a must! bananas are my best friend right now.

  • I know I love them!! I just ordered a whole box (38lbs) of organic bananas for 40$.. not too bad for west texas :D

    Have a great weekend!


  • KittyKitty Raw Newbie

    How exciting...april 6 is me and my hubby's anniversary so I am right there with you :) I have been on/off raw since July 09 and have had many ups and downs and experimenting too. I have tried high fruit low fat, low fruit high fat...going back to vegetarian etc. Nothing keeps my cravings controlled better than 80/10/10. I just ordered the book. So I am ready to stick to it. I know it works. I started it back up this week and have been in heaven with all my delicious fruits. I can't view your blog at work but will check it out when I get home.

    BrunetteKet, I love your blog too..your gorgeous :)

  • why thank ya kitty :)!! Let me know how you like 80/10/10 book!! I LOVE it!

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