Anyone else starting 80/10/10 or have been 811 for a long time?

I just felt like I need a place to keep myself accountable, thought that maybe others could use that too and that we could encourage each other and get encouragement from the old-hands at this. Anyway, I've been mostly raw for a few months with no fat limits. I recently decided to go 811(listing all the reasons would be too much for this particular paragraph) so I started watching my fat intake and cut out all supplements, oils, spice, salt, etc. Needless to say I've been far from perfect, I've rationalized cheats, etc, but I'm still convinced this is the way to go. I want the 811rv lifestyle! I want my body to be pure! Anyway, I have no doubt I can do this once I move out, but while living with my parents, it's quite a challenge. Since each day is how I measure my progress, I will start by mentioning my few downfalls today:

1) Salsa on my evening salad--it was organic and had no overts in it, but it still had "salt" "organic spice" "organic vinegar" and "organic garlic" as the last ingredients plus some chops onions in it. When I help my mom transition more completley to buying me 811, Hygeinicly-appropriate groceries and am able to buy more of my own (I currently am able to work only very little and that for minimum wage) i'll make my own salsa like things--the reason was that I wanted something "tomatoe-y" on my salad and we were out of fresh, but that's no excuse. I need to learn how to go without a flavor sometimes in absense of biologically-appropriate flavor. Lesson learned--tomorrow is another day.

2) Insufficient exercise--I did some yoga, but that's it. I'm not even meeting mainstream recommendations for exercise--let alone burning 1200 calories!!! And on one hand I need to exercise, and I can just be kinda lazy sometimes--so that's on me. But on the other hand, I can't always afford all the food it would take to fuel this. If I exercised according to 811 recommendations, I'd have to nearly double my food intake! So I'm going to let that stand as a rational reason--not an excuse--for now. But that no excuse for leaving out a daily run or bike ride or nature walk--I can and should burn another 200-500 cals per day. I can afford that. Not doing that is just being lazy.

So is anyone with me!? Let talk about our triumphs and failures so we can live, learn, and love! Let's stare reality in the face with boldness to change it. What are your humps and bumps on the 811 road? I'm talking anything now, not just "well my fav food used to be". Lifestyle challenges? Social discrimination? Family? (dun dun dun) And let's not forget the triumphs! What have your benefits been? Not just physical (although that's great too) here either. Let's talk about anything that pops in your head that has to do remotely with 811rv--it's all connected! We're all on the same path--even if we're at different points--and we need each other! so let's all be open books...what've you got to say?


  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Hey Lyn, congrats on 3 months raw! I've been low fat raw since 2007 so maybe I can help. :)

    1) That's it?! Salt, garlic and vinegar?! During my first few months, it was more like tortilla chips, hummus, and soy cheese. Seriously, you're doing awesome. :)

    2) As with any new change, start small. Even a short walk around the block is better than nothing. That's how I started 5 years ago and after just a few months, I was exercising intensely for at least 60 minutes everyday and lifting weights that were 80% of my one rep max on most strength exercises.

    I also like to make the distinction between intense and low to moderate exercise. I spend about 60-90 minutes everyday working out intensely in the morning. In addition to that, I do low impact, fun activities like take my dog for a walk, ride my bike, etc. Moving your body doesn't always have to be about working super hard. In fact, it really shouldn't be! You can easily burn more calories by including low impact, fun activities like these during the week.

    Congrats again! There's lots of fruit-friendly people around here to support you so feel free to ask questions!



  • Thanks, Swayze, that's seriously sweet. it's awesome to talk to with someone who been doing this for a while--cause I'm a serious newbie in light of the movement.

    And that was my only cheat for *today*, I've had some canned pinto beans, chickpeas, salted nut butters and hummus in the last month too. But it's been a while, I like to go through stages and put stuff behind me--i'd like to think those things are *mainly* in that category :)

    The exercise advise was great, slow transitions almost always make for more lasting and meaningful changes. I started with yoga about a month I think I've got that habit and will start adding nature walks because I think the landscape will keep me motivated.

    Sunlight has been kinda a problem cause of winter and what not--I can't WAIT til summer time(complete with watermelon andd strawberries;) )

    And it's great to know there are fruit-lovers here! I see comments on places on the web (like say..durianriders youtube vids where SAD peeps get ticked at him lol--it's easy 2 do even if you're not SAD--but i'm still a fan DR) that say things like "20 mangos?? That's too much sugar and cannot be healthy" *head desk* lol

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Awesome, sounds like you've got it down!

    Yea, I'm looking forward to some summer sun as well...I'm so pale! It's actually 65 degrees today, which is great, but no sun. :(

    Haha, DR definitely has his own personal style. While abrasive to some (okay, maybe most), I think it's great for those who really need a good kick up the arse to get them going. Fortunately for me, my behind is foot-free and fine. :D

    "Wait, you ate 12 bananas for breakfast?! You know you're on the road to Diabetes Type II, right?" *head desk* indeed. :P


  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    "Not many people succeed on this path due to feeling guilty about eating the amount of fruits it takes to stay raw and energised and sane. Ive seen a lot of people go off the deep end on this path and blame the diet but its simply that they starved emselves into depression, fatigue and eventually cooked food and or animal products."

    So true. Even after I went lfrv, I still didn't eat enough fruit. I would cut my calories down to around 1300 (I need about 2000) on many days because I just couldn't stand the thought of eating 10 pounds of food a day. I was still caught up in the whole "eat less, exercise more" mainstream mantra. Guess what happened? I got mega cravings and after a week or so, I binged like crazy.

    Now, eating lots of fruit is no big deal. I love getting to eat a pile of bananas after a tough workout and wouldn't have it any other way. :)

    "Id rather see people happy and healthy getting enough calories rather than having peeps with eating disorders and coming over to raw vegan to hide them and then blaming the diet that it failed them, rather than the actual truth of us failing to make it work for us!"

    Amen! It makes me so sad for the people who are just trying to be healthy and stumble upon the wrong advice and so frustrated at the people promoting such harmful, nonsensical approaches. The simple fact that many of these individuals promote "raw" products like royal jelly and powdered enzymes as healthy AND natural foods is absolutely mind boggling to me.



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