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ZaZa Raw Newbie

Hello Ray and Kandace, I think this is a fantastic website, and am honored to be able to contribute to my own little corner of it too by sharing my own recipes, but it occurred to me the other day while on www.wikihow.com ( a How-To article website that anyone can write for or edit) that it would be really great if there could be a “Recipe Request List” like the “Topic Request List” on wwww.wikihow.com - I would submit, say, “candied yams” to the list, because I would love to taste a raw version of my father’s favorite Thanksgiving recipe, but haven’t a clue as to how to go about creating it; then some other seasoned raw-foods chef halfway accross the globe sees my request and a lighbulb goes on and he tries something in his kitchen and it works and so he submits a recipe to go with my request; now I can check back to the list to see if anyone’s solved my culinary conundrum, and when it has been solved, I can read the recipe on www.goneraw.com What do you think? I don’t know how the programming works, but I’m sure the friendly www.wikihow.com people could help you and the raw community would love you for it—it’s would be so much more orderly and simple than having to browse through years and years of forum discussion topics…

Sincerely, Storm/ Lovefood Laughter


  • Very interesting idea. We’ll definitely give some thought to it. And thanks for your kind words!!

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