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Detox insomnia

queera@gmail.comqueera@gmail.com Raw Newbie

Did anyone else experience detox insomnia? Its 5 am and I am still up and about, despite meditating, listening to sleep inducing music, I even had a glass of wine which made me feel rotten! Im buzzing! Is this normal? Have not had insomnia for years. Headaches too if anyone has any suggestions… Thanks so much!



  • writeeternitywriteeternity Raw Newbie

    Hi I have heard about this before. Sometimes I think maybe it’s caffeine that is stored in my body that is being released-

    Not sure though. I’m up because the puppy was crying and I needed to take him out. (puppy sitting)

  • WeazelchefWeazelchef Raw Newbie

    I am having the insomnia too. I just have so much energy! The headaches too. Weird.

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Insomnia can be part of a detox. I notice I sleep best if I go to sleep earlier than later. If I stay up to late (like now! ha ha!) I end up at falling asleep as fast. They say the best time to sleep is fall asleep before 9 pm.

    Queera, you didn’t happen to have any cacao before you tried to go to sleep?

    When you change your diet thing like your sleep patterns will change too. Have you ever heard of those raw foodies who only need lke 4 hours of sleep? (I am not one of them unfortunatley). When they go on raw food, some people just sleep less too. They are less tired because their bodies spend less energy digesting food. This makes sense if you think about how sleep most people get after eating a heavy cooked meal.

    Insomnia is caused by so many other things too. Esp. if your head is all busy with thoughts too.

    I try not to worry about it when I get insomnia. I just try to relax and not think about and than before you know I fall asleep. Sometimes if you try to hard to fall asleep – you never will. Try to think about as you having extra energy and time to do stuff that you don’t have time to do (read, watch a movie, clean house, plan out recipes etc…)

  • here a great trick for insomnia which I recommend to family and friends with great results: dim the light enough to be able to read, light few candles, put few drops of pure lavender oil in an oil burner, sprinkles few drops of lavender oil on your pillow and bed sheet, place an amethyst stone under your pillow or closed to your head, read a book, a relaxing, spiritual or motivational book easy to read nothing complicated and read until you can’t keep your eyes open, I guarantee you will sleep like a child and you will wake up extremely relaxed.

  • queera@gmail.comqueera@gmail.com Raw Newbie

    Thanks so much for your help and advice. I was delerious with tiredness last night, Im now happy out making raw chocolate mousse. Will post the recipe. Will try Dan Charmings suggestion tonight!

  • blujett8blujett8 Raw Newbie

    this is great info.thanks everyone.not sleeping very much is the most difficult part about being raw for me.

  • Hi Ciara

    Please let me know if my sleep remedy work for you! keep me updated, thanks

  • iannaeiannae Raw Newbie

    You can try hypnosis. Was extremely effective for me. And nicest part here is that you can access it through your mobile device. I was listening on a PC but I believe there was a mobile app. check the site https://sleephypnopill.com/

  • Jayelle CJayelle C Raw Jr. Leader

    I've had issues with insomnia my whole life (regardless of diet).  I've found that exercising 2 hours before bed can help.  Nothing strenuous.  A walk (provided you live in an area where it's safe to walk at night or where the weather is friendly), yoga, etc.  If you do it too close to bed then it'll keep you up.  If you do it with enough time it can help your body prepare for rest.

    Also, try drinking some warm tea (non-caffeinated), not eating 1-2 hours before bed, and don't do anything overly stimulating for your mind.  They say you shouldn't watch TV, a movie, or play video games right before bed because they stimulate the mind.  If you're like me and have trouble putting down a book (1 more chapter please!) then maybe not read.  If you find reading to be mentally relaxing, then reading can help.  Meditation helps me sometimes, especially visualization aimed at calming the mind (watching the waves on a beach and timing my breath to them helps....great for anxiety too).  Also try not to eat or drink 1-2 hours before bed as sometimes that can give you extra energy too.

    In the past when I went raw detox headaches happened a lot.  Drinking water helped as did just taking it easy until the headaches went away.  Showers can help with migraines and it might help here.  I am migraine prone and these are the only things I know that help without medication.

    I hope this helps!

  • TammiTrueTammiTrue Raw Master

    For me, it's having too much energy when things like that strike. Intense exercise in the evening really helps. 

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