Took a 3 wk hiatus after 3 yrs raw...

Hi all! Thought I would just share with you all a recent adventure outside the raw world. First of all, I have been veg since childhood and mostly raw vegan for the past 3 years. About 3 wks ago I decided to spice up my exercise routine this spring and in doing so also joined an online food log so I could see how many calories/%fat/% protein etc. that I was consuming. After a few days of logging I couldn't believe my eyes, I was eating 40% fat and hardly enough calories! Against my intuition, I decided to change my diet to get to a higher protein:fat ratio. I added back soy based proteins, free-range eggs from a local farmer and whole grain breads and cereals. I stopped eating nuts and unintentionally also as much fruits and veggies. So the results.....

I'M GOING BACK TO RAW! The first thing I realized is that I have been so emotionally unstable! I'm not sure what that has to do with my diet change but I've been really moody and not as happy! I also noticed my skin feels really dry :( In addition, I've been sleeping an extra hr every night. So my plan? Back to raw, but I will be cutting down on the amount of nuts I eat and supplementing with hemp protein shakes. Thanks for letting me share my experience.


  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    sweet, its good to hear that you rebounded. there's many resources you could go to for raw athletic advice, but your experience speaks for itself!

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