Juice Feasting.. Rules???

rawpretzelarawpretzela Raw Newbie

Hey everyone, I want to start my first juice feast so I will make it for just a few days (7 days) because I don't want to lose weight I'm already thin, but I have soooo many doubts even though I already read like 50 posts about juice feasting in gone raw, and made research etc etc I feel like I'm missing something I want to do it right and really wish someone explains me exactly how to do it, I mean how many juices a day, what to put in them, is it possible that I even faint or something like that? Sorry if I sound silly but really want to know everything.

Hope you help me!! The best to you all!


  • rawpretzelarawpretzela Raw Newbie

    Oh, something else.. You're not suppose to use any nuts and seeds right?

  • the_chumanathe_chumana Raw Newbie

    check out rawfoodexplained.com it has a section on juice fasting. Do NOT fast until you fully understand what you are doing. No nuts and seeds!

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