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raw goat's milk?

stylistchickstylistchick Raw Newbie

i know many of you are hardcore vegans, so i’m guessing most won’t favor goat’s milk. but i was just wondering what you all thought about goat’s milk/ cheese. i just heard of someone today that has a small herd and makes his own cheese. any thoughts?


  • I drank raw goats milk for awhle last summer. My girlfriend had one and she milked it everyday. I think that if you need dairy and you are still transiting then go for it..especially if thats what your body wants. As for me I am now one of those Hard core vegans and its not because of raw food ideals or the treatment of animals of which I dont agree and did avoid those products anyway….its because of this book called the China Study. Anyone interested in health should read this… I am giving it away as christmas gifts…. Its from a doc at cornell…really amazing studies! Good luck and blessings

  • i’m still eating meat on occasion, but i’d drink raw goat milk. i suppose it would depend on your reasons behind your vegetarianism/veganism: philosophical, health, religious, etc. but what do i know?

  • blujett8blujett8 Raw Newbie

    It’s funny that you mention this. I spent a good amount of time just this afternoon researching farms in my area as I’m thinking about making my own raw goat milk kefir this fall and winter as an experiment. I’m experiencing quite a lot of depression despite many efforts, and a trusted living foods MD had recommended this for my body type. Intuitively, I’m feeling it and so, we’ll see what my body says. Right now regular dairy of any kind really gives me a flu feeling for a good week.

  • writeeternitywriteeternity Raw Newbie

    Hi Blujett- have you tried (sprouted)garbanzo beans and jalepenos? They are supposed to heighten your mood- there has been a study done on it and they increase endorphins in the blood. I hope you feel better!

    Hi Stylist chick! I’d say go for it. I love big animals and I don’t see anything wrong with it if they are treated nicely and you don’t have an adverse effect to milk. I saw a show on a couple in California who had camels and drank their milk and I thought that would be so neat.

    Goats milk always makes me think of Heidi the book. Plus you could be helping the goats owners by supporting their efforts. My boyfriend had a pet goat and saw it riding down the street in the back of some guys truck and had to call the police. It was funny and he got his goat back luckily.

  • blujett8blujett8 Raw Newbie

    sprouted garbozos and jalapenos! YUM! thanks, writeeternity : ) great goat story, fyi—I love goats

  • I say that it’s probably better milk than cow’s milk for the simple reason that goats tend to be easier to graze than cows.. They just find they’re own grass even if it’s between rocks on a mountian whereas cows need a big field to munch on so there’s less chance that the goats were fed something you don’t want in your milk.. Now I’m not a fan of goat’s milk or the yogurt that they make here in Kurdistan, but my in-laws are and I have noticed that the yogurt doesn’t seem as oily as cow yogurt (but it does seem to be a bit more sour.. go figure) There is actually buffalo yogurt here in our market and I happen to like that.. I don’t know how or where you’d be able to find something like that in the states (I still don’t know how we get it here actually) but it tastes really good and it doesn’t make me all stuffy like cow’s yogurt does. It’s just a thought I guess.. Take care K-Mom

  • debbietookdebbietook Raw Master


    Part of my motivation for going raw is The Essene Gospel of Peace in which the milk of beasts is mentioned. Also, I don’t know if any of you have heard of the Ringing Cedars series (Anastasia etc), which, although ‘fiction’ (or is it?!), also suggests that drinking milk from beasts as well as mother’s milk is a good thing. I do drink one pint of raw (unpasteurised) goat’s milk a week. I also occasionally have a little unpasteurised cheese now and then if I can get it (although I’m not quite so sure that mould is a good thing for me…jury’s out currently). But I have no doubts about the milk. The goats are well cared-for and are not by-products of the meat industry (I checked, as I know they eat goat curry in the West Indies!). Over the last 25 years I’ve done a lot of thinking about B12, and, lately, Vitamin A, D and iodine. A little raw dairy makes sense to me on every level, and I would much rather have a little raw goats’ milk than take a supplement where the composition of such will inevitably be based on the judgements of the human beings who made it as to the precise quantities of these vitamins we need. Many more raw fooders eat a little raw dairy than some raw vegans would have us believe. I know many, including leading names in the UK raw food movement. See Rob Hull’s blog, the Funky Raw site and Holly at Rawcuisine for more on this. Love, Debbie Took, UK

  • NagevNagev Raw Newbie

    Herbert Sheldon, the “father” of Natural Hygiene drank raw goats milk a few times in his life when he was sick. But to me it really doesn’t seem natural to drink the milk of another animal.

    On another note, I was listening to this radio show about veganism and the debate arose about whether human breast milk was considered vegan. Freaked me out.

  • stylistchickstylistchick Raw Newbie

    wow! thanks for all the input! i guess i’m doing the raw vegan thing because of health reasons first, i’ve been sick for quite a while now. i’m doing it because this diet is anti inflammatory, and also great for my type 1 diabetes. i am finding that i am very sensitive to alot of foods. at this point i can’t touch grains, sprouted or not, and even things like avocados and garlic give me mucous reactions. i guess goats milk would be as mucous producing as cow’s milk right? i’m going to stick to my 3 month raw goal, and at that point i may begin adding in new foods and just observe how my body feels.

  • debbietookdebbietook Raw Master

    Hi Stylistchick

    Re mucus, here’s some information from Dr Norman W Walker. Admittedly, it’s 1970, but his writings are still respected by many raw fooders (eg Matthew Monarch). Norman is known for living to 108, or 118, depending on source..!


  • i actually was planning on addind some unpasturised cheese into my diet simply because i dont want to be B12 deficient … aannd i miss cheese lol so this would be a great way to satisfy my craving plus supply me with b12.

    my question is on mucous – is goats milk/cheese mucous forming like a cows? or is it different?


  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    That China Study is an amazing book. Read it and you won’t question adding raw dairy (of any kind) to your diet. “The Way Out” by Mathew Grace is another book that goes into detail why we shouldn’t eat dairy. Both books made it easy for me to give up ice cream, a long-time beloved food.

  • writeeternitywriteeternity Raw Newbie

    I can’t handle dairy because of my stomach pain but I think humane milk would be good for kids. One of the worst things for kids I think is having them locked up in school all day. They would normally be able to get vitamin d from the sun but they are cut off from it most of the day when you include the bus trip. So this is another reason. It can influence their memory though from what I have heard so it might not be a good thing to drink in the morning before going to school.

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