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Hello Raw Friends, I am currently doing my first Master Cleanse (evening of day 3). I am curious as to what to expect? YetI know everyone is different. I realize frequent elimination is important but at what point does one start to eliminate less and less? I am basically passing loose/liquid waste now and not a lot. Also, I've notice a bit of bubbling/gas in my intestines. I'm assuming this is just part of cleansing? Also, how do we know how many drinks to take per day. 6-12 is suggested but that's a pretty big range. I have issues with microbes (candida/parasites) and don't want to take in too much sugar from the drink. So far so good though. I only miss making food (I teach raw food classes and love to play in my kitchen). Anyway, just wondering what to expect. My skin was getting better but now its acting up a bit....I appreciate anyone's input. Thanks!


  • veghealthcoachveghealthcoach Raw Newbie

    What made you decide to do Master Cleanse since you have candid/parasite issues? I ask because I wonder if you could have benefited from a superfoods cleanse instead?

    Anyway, in general, the rule for proper hydration is 6-8, 8oz glasses of water a day or half your body weight of water (ounces). Are you doing the recommended laxative/salt water flush as well?

    Your body will tell you when you've had enough. For some people, it's 3 days, others 5. And some people may need the full ten days.

    Good luck!

  • rawmamanibblesrawmamanibbles Raw Newbie

    Have you seen thought new master cleanse packets? thoughs are great when you on the go

  • Thanks veghealthcoach :) Actually, it wasn't the candida/parasites that inspired me to do it. I just felt like my body needed a rest and wanted to give my organs a break - especially my digestive tract. I have some food sensitivities and wanted to clear out some allergens.....Also, I wanted to go off caffeine - I only get it from green tea in the AM but want to go 100% raw and caffeine free. I guess my spirit was telling me to do it. I have some emotional attachment to food, not an eating disorder, but I my meals are what I look forward to and I wanted to break away from that a bit....Oh and yes I have been doing the herbal laxative teas. Haven't done the salt water flush yet (it makes me a little nervous. I am going regularly but its just liquid now with probably some old mucoid plaque mixed in. I feel pretty good. Just bored ;) Going to try and get a little more exercise in this week as my energy increases.

    Oh - can you describe a superfoods cleanse for me? I'm interesed - What does that entail?

  • rawmamanibbles - no I have not seen them - those would be nice for work!

  • freewitheftfreewitheft Raw Newbie

    Interesting this came up. Today is day 1 of my 5th MC. :)

    Your eliminations sound normal. There may be a little less as time goes on, and it may be mostly liquid, but the key is that you have some kind of elimination every day. That way you know that any toxins that have been mobilized are moving on out.

    Just make sure you get at least the 6 glasses a day. If you want more, have more. There have been a couple times when my energy felt low and I didn't think it was detox so I increased the amount of drinks by one or two and noticed a big difference within 24 hours.

    And, yeah, while I love the MC for so many reasons, one thing it can't help much is candida. Oh well, it can't be perfect, right? lol

  • Hi freewitheft, thanks, yeah I have going after the microbes for sometime but just can't get a handle on them. The cravings have been getting the best of me. Hoping maybe the MC will help me re-calibrate some cravings. Has anyone finished off the MC with just water for a day or too? I've been using mostly blackstrap molasses with some maple syrup but still the sweetness and sugar has me a little uncomfortable. I've been doing around 8 glasses a day....

  • I don't believe the Master Cleanse to be a healthy choice; especially not for someone with any bacterial/viral/fungal or parasitic concerns. WAY too much sugar and not enough nutrients to support and cleanse & rebuild @ a cellular level.

    Doc's 2cents. There are definitely ways to relieve stress from the dig. system. It's often of major importance to work with in tandem with a health care provider who can analyze your specific needs and guide you on your journey so you don't throw yourself further out of balance and off the track of wellness you want to be on.

  • Thanks Docrona....Hmmm, I was really excited about doing this cleanse, I hate to quit. And actually I have been working with a Naturopath on the microbes. I have been doing probiotics twice a day and a tsp of Silverbiotics (not while doing this cleanse though). But yeah, I can't help but wonder if I should do a different cleanse...hmmm

  • rawmamanibblesrawmamanibbles Raw Newbie

    i've seen them at healthfood stores next to the one serving packets of greens, like amazing greens or green vibrance.... The packet taste great too..

  • did your naturopath suggest the master cleanse or know you're doing it?

    doesn't make sense when dealing with overload of microbes that thrive and grow on sugar?

    thanks for your input

    doc rona

  • Hi Doc Rona, I spoke with his wife who is also a holistic health advisor. I had asked about the sugar and doing blackstrap molasses instead of maple sugar. She seemed ok with that. However, I emailed my ND directly today and asked what he thought. Haven't heard back yet. I feel ok and my energy is level. And only doing like 6-7 glasses a day. The microbes really haven't been bad - except I have some skin issues which leads me to believe that I still need to resolve it. However, nuts and seeds also really drive my skin problems, so who knows. I just want to balance out everything.....Anyway, I may cut the molasses even more tomorrow and then go off of the cleanse. The sweetness is actually starting to gross me out. I crave a big salad! And being day 4, I would have thought to be past hunger etc....

    Doc, are you a naturopath? I really appreciate your input :)

  • a holistic health advisor isn't a licensed health care professional

    although they may have had some training~they're not going to be your best choice when evaluating and treating your HEALTH

    they just don't USUALLY have a complete biological/physiological background/education necessary to deal with many things involved with maintaining health especially if something has gone out of balance and awry.

    my doctoral training is in holistic chiropractic medicine.

    i did my doctoral training in the state of IL where we do EVERYTHING except prescribe drugs & surgery.

    i reside in CA and concentrate mostly on nutritional balance which is different for every individual.


    being that you have some issues i'd be sure that you're working with people at a level to INCREASE your health not compromise it further.

    i'm licensed, trained and regulated (has both good and bad points) highly trained~17 years in practice.

    AGAIN Be sure you're working with someone who will not put you in a worse state because of their lack of training or understanding of the human physiology as well as nutrition. 2 cents

    and too many cooks can spoil the broth.


    dr rona thau, bs2 dc

  • Thank you Doc Rona. As I mentioned, I am working with a certified Naturopathic doctor - I am awaiting his response about the cleanse. What do you suggest for microbes? I've heard so many different approaches.

  • Hi BeagleLove,

    (as you can tell i love my dog too :) )

    I wish I could give you a set plan over the internet but in fact without knowing you or anything about you it wouldn't be fair to you or me to do that. too many variables.

    i would/could speak to you take a history, etc to determine what would be the best course for you. i'm sure (i hope) that your naturopath did something similar for you upon your starting with him or her.

    i've worked with people who have had longstanding imbalances with bacterias, viruses, and fungus etc as well as much simpler cases. basically what i'm saying is...everyone is different.

    there's no one size fits all fix it (wouldn't it be nice if there were?) but there's not.

    i utilize different non invasive tests and skills i've learned over the past 20-30 years to help me assess and make the best judgement and then my patient and i work together to fine tune as we progress - progress is the key

    if things DO NOT progress one MUST reassess because things WILL change or something is NOT right. things depending on their severity and intensity may take time but results and gains should be evident - that's again why it is impt to work with a highly trained professional who has the knowledge base to guide you SAFELY

    a little knowledge is dangerous - i know enough to know the more i know the more i don't know, humbly

    remember it's your health and it's your most valuable asset no doubt

    be kind to it

    interested to hear what your naturopath will say about the master cleanse for your health at this time.

    all the best with love

    dr rona

  • Thanks Doc Rona. I have not heard back yet from my ND but it doesn't matter - I quit the cleanse and have eased back into my raw diet. I could tell it wasn't right - too sweet. I feel more energetic but agree that it was feeding the microbes. As for a protocol to clease the candida/parasites, my doctor had me on a good regimen, I just wasn't very disciplined with my cravings - I love raw treats and would sometimes have them too often and in bad combination. I was making progress - definitely but then I traveled and got thrown off a bit. Really the only symptom that bother me is my skin (eczema on my face and skin eruptions on other body parts - and a lot of that is food sensitivities to nuts/seeds which I also love.....Sometime I would like to try juicing greens as a cleanse instead....Anyway, thanks again, I really appreciated your input!

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