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Raw beauty ideas?

Hey there, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for raw beauty recipes, such as using coconut butter as a moisturizer and the like. I’m especially interested in any recipes for a hydrating face mask – winter + wind + walking outside = dry skin!


  • I can’t speak to the actual product, as I haven’t tried it, nor this particular vendor, because I haven’t bought from them before… That said, I’ve heard that shower filters such as this one are really good at keeping your skin from drying out, and they’re really good for you. Something worth considering…


  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    I was waitin for this question to be brought up. To prevent chapping, especially with the brutal cold we have been having, all you need is an avocado. Mash it up in a bowl to make a paste and apply to your face or hands… hell you know what you can use it just about anywhere? Another great option is dried shredded coconut. Pour some dried coconut in a bowl of warm water and wait till it hydrates. The just apply it where ever you need it. Shiny skin thats protected and the exotic smell of coconut, what more could you want? :)


  • Awesome – and I love that the first two suggestions were from males!

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    Hey some guys like nice skin too. :)

  • Avacados are one of the most dense high enzymatic foods. how about a avacado mask! But you have to show a pic to us!!!!

    :-D ML

  • I recently discovered that my poor heel had cracked so badly that it was bleeding. :( So I got a jar of organic virgin coconut oil and started slathering it on before bed every night (then put socks on, of course). Within a week, the crack had completely healed up and my feet are getting much softer. Yay!! I also use it on my hands, which are getting beat up this winter.

  • a great mask is raw honey its one of natures best skin hydrators not to mention the emzymes in it will eat up the nasties on your skin :)

    use honey on cuts and things as it will help clear them up.

    did you know ? honey is the only food that will never go rotten.

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    I was trying to leave a message yesterday and website disappeared. Well the coconut oil (as rawvee mentioned) is a very good moisterizer for me. I heard you can put some with olive oil and it is suppose to be good conditioner which I haven’t tried yet. Sometimes I just put coconut oil on my lips as a moisterizer.

    The raw honey (as Jaymz72 mentioned) has worked well for me as a face mask it just feels rough to put on. It is good for cuts and bruises.

    Vineger is good for dandruff and it makes your hair look a little shinier. I also use Aloe vera for scrapes, sunburns or a mask.

    Make a honey mask and put some cucumbers on you eyes (cucumbers reduce puffiness) and you should look wonderful in no time.

  • A great thing for dry skin is to stop using soap. Instead brush your skin with a natural bristle brush and then jump in the shower to rinse off. It really saves water and it makes you feel great. I haven’t had to put anything on my skin since I started doing this and it’s soft and not dry at all. Otherwise cocnut oil is really the best and for fun you can always eat a papaya then rub the inside of the skin all over your face. The enzymes in papaya are really good for your skin. My rule is not to put anything on my skin that I wouldn’t put in my belly.

  • Debbie5125Debbie5125 Raw Newbie

    I follow the same rule rawmumma! If I can’t eat it, it’s not going on my skin…the same for my twins, too. I just slathered coconut oil on my daughter after her bath tonight.

    I have to say the dry skin brushing has made a huge difference for my complexion. I couldn’t imagine how it would work, but my skin is smooth and really nice. Sometimes I’ll put coconut oil on after the skin brushing.

    I have a question, I’ve tried to coconut oil on my feet with socks…and my feet are still all cracked and calloused. Any other ideas? I’m out of ideas.

    Thanks! Debbie

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    Debbie you can try shea butter if you can find it. I have a hard time finding the raw one. It is expensive if you get it, it is thick and it will make anyone soft. The coconut oil is thin and it is good for you skin and hair but it won’t be as good on cracked heels. The shea butter is thicker than vaseline just rub it in you hands a little and to make it easier to apply. If you can find a trusted site let me know. I love it! I still have a little but I won’t use it until I can find more.

  • SystemSystem Raw Newbie

    I’ve used olive oil before bedtime, and then sleeping with gloves (the winter’s -30 Celsius has really damaged my already fragile hands), but I will try coconut oil, and hope it cures them faster. I’ll let you all know my comparison results.

  • i got a tip to use the seed of a mango on your face as a natural exfoliator. cut the flesh off of a mango, eat it. Eat all flesh around seed and eat. After washing face with natural cleanser and rinsing it rub rough side of mango seed all over face and neck. Let sit for a minute and rinse. You will see the difference in your complexion.

  • What about a natural hair care product? I’m switching to coconut butter as a moisturizer, using minerals for make up, and would like to start something different with my hair. Any shampoo ideas? What about styling products?

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Skyespice, I am sort of in transition of doing this also. I am getting rid of all my old moisturizers and replacing with coconut oil. I don’t wear makeup. For the shampoo, that is a hard one! I used Morrocco method and wasn’t satisfied – plus they are so expensive. I was searching last night and I found a few suggestions for “natural” shampoos you make yourself. I would love to go shampoo less but I am working myself up to that (it is apparently a 22 week detox where your hair looks bad!). Recipe for Flax shampoo at the bottom:http://www.rawglow.com/Naturalbodycare.htm

    Says to use some lemon juice and water: http://www.livingnutrition.com/fwn/read.php?2,763,page=1

    Going no ‘poo with baking soda and apple cider vinegar: http://www.naturalfamilyonline.com/go/index.php…

    I am not sure about the baking soda – I would think that would be toxic to rub into your scalp. I could see that it would get the oil out though. Plus, I definately wouldn’t eat it! I am currently going to try to only do every other day with trying lemon rinsing to get the oiliness out. Plus, I switching to only doing a “shampoo” every other day and rinsing with just water on the other days. I used to shampoo every day.

  • I’ve too been trying to only use things that I can eat on my face/body/hair – it’s harder with my hair though because I’m a regular swimmer, so I need something to get the chlorine out! But I’ve tried putting olive oil (extra virgin, cold pressed) on my hair, skin.

    Does anyone have a good suggestion for a regular facial moisturizer that is all natural? I have been trying the olive oil but I’m afraid ti could be making my face break out (I have oily, sensitive skin). Of course, I could just be detoxing…

  • There are so many great suggestions here! I love to use olive oil and coconut on my skin as well and I’m definitly going to try the avocado. I use lanolin on my dry cracked feet and it helps tremendously. I know this is not generally considered a raw product and it comes from animals, but I get mine from a neighbor who makes it. I believe in supporting the very local economy, and I like her, she loves her animals. hope that’s helpful

  • grapeseed oil is a wonderful facial moisturizer. it is light and absorbs well.

  • I use virgin coconut oil and shea butter. I also have made a lib balm using grated beets and veg. glycerin.

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