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So I'm going to Disney World in 9 days. I've been researching a lot about where I can find fresh fruits and such, and it seems that my resort has a selection of fruits in the cafeteria, and I've read that there are places throughout the parks that sell fresh fruits.

Just wondering if anyone has recently gone there (the one in Orlando, FL) and what their experience was? I'm looking for mostly fresh fruits since I'm following 811rv--- I'm not into the dried stuff, either, so that won't fly with me. Someone on veganbodybuilding.com suggested a local fruit distributor to help me out while I'm there but I'd rather not go through the hassle and spend the extra $$ if I don't have to. Plus, we didn't rent a car, and I'm not sure we could have the fruit delivered to our hotel?

I'd really like to avoid throwing away my hard work I've put in so far, so if anyone's had experience with this yet and can offer any advice or knows of WHERE THE FRUIT AT haha...that would be great :)

thanks in advance



  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    Probably all the local places are used to delivering to the hotels there.

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    They're expensive, but Harry and David would send it to you. Of course, they're cheap compared to DW! You know what else, there is a campground on the property, you can get there using their transportation, they've got a small store, can't remember how much fruit they had, but, it's worth a try. You could probably pack some and send it via UPS so that it arrives when you do. The good thing is most fruit doesn't need refrigeration.

  • Harry and David?

  • daniefondaniefon Raw Newbie

    Harry and David is a company that delivers gourmet food gifts, and they are known for their fruit delivery service. You can check them out at HarryandDavid.com. I've always gotten premium quality fruit from them.

  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    There should be tons of fruit available in the area. When you get there, you could just look in the phone book and start calling to see if anyone will deliver some to you. It's also likely that there will be a store with some food pretty close to your hotel. Indian River Fruit is all over Florida with fresh citrus. However, you will be there at the tail end of the citrus season.

    If finding a local store doesn't work out, there still should be tons of fruit producers willing to ship to your hotel. Here's random web page with a bunch of links for people who ship fruit from Florida: http://www.ultimatecitrus.com/gift.html .

    Harry and David are great (especially their famous pears), but there are most certainly less expensive places--though if you're looking for a treat, Harry and David isn't a bad way to go.

  • thank you guys for the suggestions! I think first, I'll check out that store on the campground resort. I actually watched a Travel channel show about Disney World not that long ago, and they talked about that resort... and I bet my best bet would be that little store they have there.

    Thanks so much again!

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