DanCharming: Hello, would you mind telling me what you eat on a regular basis? and I’m worry about calcium deficiency, what do you eat for calcium? thanks!!


  • dear hungry girl

    please read the thread “don’t be afraid of the sun” people are often concern if they get the right amount of nutrients from foods, i’m more concerned about my lifestyle to be in tune with nature.

    I try to balance my diet to a 33% sweet fruits, 33% green leaf vegetables and 33% fats, I just use my common sense, normally I go for a diet dominant in sweet fruits in the morning, green vegetables at lunch and fats at dinner. I normally get superfoods into my smoothies every morning for breakfast. many rawist and vegetarian suffer imbalace because they dont balance the diet properly, please bare in mind that imbalance occour when you deprive your body of some important nutrients for a period of few weeks to few months, it is not something that occour in few days.If you stick with the 33% above you may be sure to not suffer any imbalance.

    Too much sugar in the blood triggers the realese of alkaline minerals, such as calcium from the bones and tissues in order to buffer sugar’s acidifying effects. these minerals are also lost with urine, because excess sugar spills off into the urine, excessive urination may occur expecially if is not utilized due to lack of activity.

    green leafed vegetables are calcium rich foods, calcium should come primarily from green leaf vegetables. The body best assimilate calcium when both magnesium and manganese are present together, green leaf vegetables are high in magnesium and manganese

    my favourite sources of calcium are: spinach, bok choy, turnip greens, broccoli, collards, Chinese cabbage and kale, you may also consider dried figs, brazil nuts, oranges.

  • Hi Dan: Thanks for your reply. I think I do have some vitmin deficiency because my hair has been falling off a lot more than normal in the last 3 weeks. I mean I can sit and have dinner and i would find my hairs in my salad, on the dinning table and on my shoulder. I’m going to try to eat more fat—nuts.

    Do you eat any sprouted wheatberries or buckwheats grouts? if so, how do you incorporate them in your diet?

  • I don’t eat sprouted wheatberries or buckwheats. Please read the following link which explains why you should avoid wheat: http://www.mercola.com/2003/jul/26/avoid_wheat.htm

    Would be interesting to know some details of your lifestyle: do you take medicine? did you take lots in the past? do you drink coffee? hot drinks? smooking or drinking? are you optimist type of person or pessimist? How you related with depression?

    Please read the thread ” don’ be afraid of the sun”

  • I think eating a diet that is 33% fat is kind of high as there is no nutrition in high fat foods except fat. You will need to make up for the deficit in other nutrients by eating tons of greens or other low calorie foods. In order to eat 33% of your calories from green leafy vegetables you have to eat about 10 to 12 pounds (or more) of greens a day. I don’t know how you do that?

  • 33% each I mean try to balance all three during the day in equal parts.

  • But how do you possibly eat 12 pounds of greens per day? I can hardly eat 1 pound a day.

  • must be a misanderstanding, I never said I eat 12 pounds of greens, what I meant with 33% is that I try to eat fats, green and fruit in 3 equal proportion during the day for example 1 pound of green, 1 pound of fruit, 1 pound of fats, plus superfoods in the morning, I find this very beneficial in my case.

  • HungryGirl – my hair has been falling out a lot lately too! it’s everywhere, my cats are coughing up my hair balls. I got bloodwork done and everything looks good except it says I am a little high in glucose, high in Biliruben and my MPV is high (11.8 when normal is 7.3 – 11.1) that’s something about platelet volume? I haven’t had a doctor interpret these results..oh and my pee was positive for ketones but I think that’s cause I eat a LOT of fat (I love macadamia nuts and avocados!). So, I’m not anemic or protein deficient..what could it be?

  • stylistchickstylistchick Raw Newbie

    for sululu,

    i’m diabetic, and for me, if i spill ketones in my urine it means my blood sugar is way too high. i don’t know for sure in a non diebetic person what that means. i remember when adkins diet was all the rage, people actually were trying to get ketones in their urine, and since that was a high protein diet, maybe it is too much protein. i would suggest going to the drugstore and getting “ketostix” i think thats the name brand, they are inexpensive, that way you can check periodically to see what is going on. if it is in the really high level, you should be concerned. also hair loss is a classic symptom of hypothyroid.

  • Hi dan, Now I understand. Don’t you think that eating a pound of fat is not a good balance with a pound of greens or fruit (or in any other proportion)? One pound of fat has about 4300 calories, a pound of greens has about 80 calories, a pound of fruit (banana) has about 150 calories. I don’t think eating that way is such a good balance. I don’t think you really eat that way. If you did you would be really overweight or really lacking in certain nutrients. You see how you will be missing nutrients if you eat this way? You will have way too many fat calories and way too few greens and fruit calories. If the number of calories needs to be balanced and not the weight of the foods then you would be back to my previous post where I asked about the 12 pounds of greens. My point here is that you obviously eat a lot less fatty food than greens and fruit or you would be very fat or vary lacking in nutrients.

  • Im sorry for any misunderstanding, 1 pound I mentioned was just an example, of course I don’t eat that amount of fats, I never check the weight of food, I just balance my diet following my body, I try to mix the three over the day, more or less in equal part. I don’t know how you got 4300 calories but if you take an avocado of 200gr it has approx 322 calories. I would say my diet is more into the half kilo range, I eat 1 to 2 avocados a day plus few mixed nuts, I’m not fat as you can see from the picture, my weight range is 76-78 Kg I’m 6”1 tall.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    There is a big misconception about fats in general. You have saturated, unsaturated, mono-unsaturated, medium chain… Avocados have been found to support the liver, it’s a healthy fat. Coconut is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and is a medium chain fat. Nuts contain protein and dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins… There are benefits from fats beyond calories. I think that the balance Dan eats sounds good. Do any vegetables besides greens factor in anywhere?

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