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hi everyone,

i was just wondering if anyone has taken maca as a supplement on a regular basis? i had taken it for 3 months (to help with ovulating) and it was wonderful! i have taken a break from it though b/c i started to get an acidic stomach with watery diarrhea. sorry to be so gross! eveything is on the mend now but i want to start taking the maca again. i'm hoping the maca was not the cause of the upset stomach. has anyone else had this happen?



  • Hi there! Powerlifer, I too am wondering about Maca. I have to tell you that you have been so helpful to me in the threads (thank you so much!). You seem so knowledgeable. I have battled candida for a while now but never took adrenal fatique seriously until I saw some of your comments because I never recognized it fully....I purchased some maca to help with energy and low hormonal issues. I have a question though - is maca a safe stimulant for those with Adrenal Fatique issues? I like the little boost I get, but concerned that it could do harm - my ND said to be careful with it as she referred to it as a "stimulant". Thoughts?

    Oh - also - I started taking digestive bitters. What is the correct way to take it? I assume a few minutes before each meal?

    Anyway, thank you for your insights. Would love to be able to contact you directly, if this is an inappropriate place for all my questions :)

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    hey there beaglelove im glad ive been able to help in some way for you:).

    Ok onto the maca, the maca root is a fine adaptogen for anyone suffering from adrenal fatigue and will help to try and restore normal endocrine/hormonal balance. It will provide a boost but is not a CNS stimulant so wont hurt the adrenals in anyway. I like maca root its a good adaptogen but there is better, jiaogulan contains around 80+ sterols whilst maca contains around 6. Organic Jiaogulan tea is available via my link below if interested, also you can contact me through that site for a chat if you wish:).

    the digestive bitters have to come in contact with the back of the tongue to be effective, they will then stimulate the bitter receptors at the back of the tongue which then in turn stimulates the release of stomach acid, pancreatic enzymes, bile secreation and provides a flushing/cleansing action to the liver. You can take these before or after meals i prefer before i find it helps the meal digest much better. Be sure to up your water with bitters as they do cleanse the liver fairly heavily. If you having hormonal problems bitters are the best tool in my opinion, they will help the liver able to metabolise the excess hormones.

    EDIT: I forgot to write what type of bitters are you using?


  • Thanks Powerlifer :) I will check out the tea (what is the flavor like?). As for the bitters - I purchased "Sweetish Bitters" by Gaia Herbs. It has gentian, dandelion, milk thistle, wild yam, cardomom, fennel, and a few others. Do they all have grain alcohol? I wasn't thrilled about that....

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    the flavour is quite nice in my opinion, its a sweet taste. The powder is pretty bitter though so i prefer the tea but both are fine.

    nice one they are decent bitters, i dont really like swedish bitters as they contain stimulant laxative herbs which arent really good for long term use.

    dont worry about the alcohol content, you can use the bitters at a dose of half a teaspoon and the alcohol content is so low it wouldnt matter:) although you can get ones distilled in water, or just use a powdered bitter.


  • Thanks! I hadn't had any dietary changes, so I'm not sure why my stomach got so irritated. However, now that it is better I will start implementing the maca back, slowly. I didn't know that it aided in digestion, I was taking it to level out hormones.

    Nice to read about the bitters as well!

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    bitters are the best tool in achieving hormonal balance, they will cleanse the liver to allow it to metabolise the excess hormones.

    other good tips are consuming vitamin b complex from natural sources such as bee pollen, rice bran, oat bran, seaweeds, nettle leaf etc. The vitamin b group also help the liver break down excess hormones.

    supporting your good flora(bacteria) will also help breaking down excess estrogen/hormone metabolites.

    then theres the other herbs mostly the adaptogenics such as jiaogulan, maca root, ashwagandha, siberian ginseng, suma root etc which support the adrenal glands and help balance hormones.


  • Powerlifer, thanks again! Hey I was wondering - how long does it take to rebuild the adrenal function? I feel pretty good but still having terrible skin issues. I have been taking Organic Sulphur for about a 3wks - month and not seeing a lot of improvement yet. I still react to certains foods etc. Also started the bitters about a week ago. I'm hoping that this is all cleansing. I have issues with candida/parasites too. Its a never-ending battle...

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    hey beaglelove, it depends really if your covering the adrenals from all areas i.e upping your natural C sources(fruits etc)/herbal source if needed amla berry, getting vitamin b5 in via bee pollen, rice bran, seaweeds, nettle leaf etc, and the adaptogens on top of that then you will see improvement rather quickly.

    Full healing depends on cessation of stimulants, stress(biggie for the adrenals) and any dietary stress. What kinds of skin issues are you having? If its acne then the bitters will take care of balancing your hormones via the liver cleansing, plus cleansing the liver itself is great for the skin.

    im not sure if you've been diagnosed as candida/parasites the problem with many of the candida sites is that they attribute every symptom and disease under the sun to candidiasis when half of them arent anything to do with candida. I didnt realise this years back and was stuck in a loop when i really should have took a breather and worked on my adrenal glands which really were the base of many of my symptoms including my digestive symptoms.

    candida overgrowth can be healed pretty quickly via the use of fermented foods(never a bad thing to include in your diet whether you do or dont) water kefir, cultured veggies and so on. You must still feed the good bacteria once you've started to repopulate them, you can do this via prebiotic fibres such as rice bran, oat bran, seaweeds, FOS, Inulin. All these have a wealth of benefits on there own, the first 3 provide the vitamin b complex, seaweeds provide iodine/minerals, good for building the adrenals and thyroid.

    getting to the bottom of chronic health issues can take some time and alot of trial and error.

    hope that helps abit.


  • Powerlifer, thank you. Yes, I worry that I have been coming at this from the wrong angle. Focusing more on microbes rather than adrenals. I have never been tested for microbes, but the long list of symptoms I had for years definitely pointed to candida. I finally have been working with a naturopath for a year now. However, the approach we have been taking is using supplements, such as minerals and Organic Sulphur, that he said help the gut and also the adrenals.

    My skin issues are more related to eczema on my face and a bad rash all over lower abdomen, and blemishes on other body parts like upper arms (inflammatory skin stuff). They seem to intensify when I'm stressed -Or when I take more of the anti-candida remedies like Organic Sulphur and probiotics(then I usually assume its detox).

    As for diet. I do make my own rejuvelac and eat raw sauerkraut, but perhaps I need more prebiotics. I do still drink a cup of green tea in the morning that isn't decaf and once in a great while I do a bit of cacao. Perhaps its time to do decaf tea. I carry a lot of anxiety around which I'm guessing is big role player.

    Honestly, most of my "symptoms" are very subtle except the skin - the skin is terrible. I'm so so fed up with it. And fed up with worrying about what I"m eating to aggravate it.

    Sorry for the all the questions - I turn to you because I know you have overcome these issues - specifically the Adrenal Fatigue. You are very articulate and so knowledgeable. Thank you :)

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    No dont worry about it if i can help im more than happy too:).

    Ahh yeah i think you popped in the eczema thread, im not sure if you seen my post there but eczemas route is down to under functioning adrenals once again and liver toxicity/stagnation so hopefully what your doing already will take care of this:). When your talking about the blemishes on your upper arm are you talking about that prickly sort of mini acne type blemishes, if so an omega 3 source is good and with the bitters you'd be absorbing it better, im not sure if your raw, vegan etc but cod liver oil is good if not there are many other fatty acid sources i could recommend.

    Sounds like you have the probiotic side of things covered so nice one, just remember to feed them also as per the above post. Green tea isnt too bad as alot of the stimulative properties are balanced out with the sedating amino acid theanine. But it can hinder some progress, there are alot of other herbal teas though jiaogulan(adaptogenic/adrenal supportive), nettle leaf(adrenal/thyroid), dandelion(liver/bile) and so on.

    Either way take in good faith that supporting your adrenals isnt counter productive especially in times of stress, and as you said anxiety which really puts a strain on them. Magnesium is also a good idea to supplement with in times of stress, again i prefer acidified sources as there better for absorbtion, magnesium malate is good as its magnesium citrate.

    how many times do you take the bitters, and what dose/frequency and when before meal etc?


    Im not fond of many naturopaths most of them dont have a clue sadly then again some of them are amazing, but the majority are like traditional doctors and useless or are out to sell there own supplements. I prefer to get minerals from food/herbal sources, seaweeds are a good mineral source, much is nettle and other superfood type supplements.

  • Hey Powerlifer - yes the upper arms are just what you describe, they're like little acne(sometimes it pops up in other areas too unfortunately). I am mostly raw vegan but I do take Cod Liver Oil in conjuction with a mineral supplement I get from my ND. Funny, I do wonder about him pushing the supplements. But his logic and approach makes much sense to me and I like that he is a raw advocate as well. Plus I have come a long way in the last year with his help, but I have to admit I am sick of the "supplements" and want to get to a place where I sustain my health through foods and herbals. Like you, I have spent years and driven myself into debt trying to get my health back into balance. It has been a long and expensive road. (*sigh*)

    Oh- as for the bitters. I just do a small squirt on the back of my tonque (about 1/2 tsp) a few minutes before a meal. I let it sit for a few seconds, swallow it, then a minute later I will drink a little water. Then start my meal a few minutes after. Is this correct? I just started doing the bitters about a week ago, so hopefully this will help with some things.

    I will look into working in some bee pollen and seaweeds.

    Hey this is off the subject, but are you in England?

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Nice one, the skin condition your describing is linked with low omega 3 but is likely because you may not be breaking down fats properly, which can cause alot of symptoms, bitters will take care of this, if you'd like to go further then soya lecithin is good you could take a little of that when your taking your cod liver oil, helps break down the fat.

    If he is getting you better then thats great:), just have your wit about you like i say as its easy to get sucked in with these people. Ive seen people with thyroid problems just been told to take kelp etc when hypothyroidism is much more complex in most cases than just iodine.

    Nice one on the bitters also, you dont need the full 1tsp dose, half will do, make them come in contact with the back of your tongue the best possible, id try not to wash down with the water afterwards if you can, i know its pretty yuck lol but you get used to it and after the first few bites of the meal its pretty much gone. Be sure to up your water intake though bitters really do detox the liver heavily.

    Im in Scotland actually Dundee to be prescise what about yourself?


  • Oh good to know. I don't mind the taste of the bitters at all, so I will skip the water. Interesting about the fats, I suspected I was taking in too much fat. I tend to do that because of lack of calories and fear of fruit (candida). I'm trying to be more brave about that - taking in more fruit in the morning and working a little buckwheat in my lunch and dinners.

    Scotland, huh? Nice! I have never been overseas (I am in the USA - Minneapolis, MN). I hear Scotland is beautiful! I hope to visit it, along with many other places in Europe, someday :)

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    Most typical diets have sufficient fat, its more that some arent breaking fat down effectively. Alot with candida symptoms find that alot of the time its poor bile flow that results in alot of there symptoms. If you have pale stools then its a good indicator.

    If you dont react to fruit and i would include it, wealth of nutrition and all:).

    Well some of Scotland is nice lol then other parts are truly horrible hehe, id love to visit over the pond as they say. The US is def next on my list to visit.


  • Hi Powerlifer, I hope you are well. So, I've been using the bitters for a couple of weeks now, but unfortunately I don't think they're helping - or at least with the fats. Whenever, I consume fats with my meal, I usually get a creepy crawly feeling on my skin a couple hours after. Usually, is followed by the bumps over the next day too. And I've noticed I'm still not digesting nuts or seeds- not even soaked - they leave me the same way they came in (I know, lovely huh?)

    Any thoughts? I'm trying to do low fat but tend to be so hungry in the evenings. Weird....Oh and how long do fats stay in your bloodstream? I'm trying to increase fruits but don't want to a candida festival if the fats are present in my bloodstream. I guess I'm looking into the low fat fruit thing but I really like nuts and seeds for variety yet don't digest them. Was hoping I could fix this...

    Anyway, thanks for your help :)

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Hey again Beaglelove,

    Sorry to hear your still having problems, keep up the bitters though. Ok a few things you can do to aid breakdown of fats is:

    Lecithin actually helps increase the absorption of fats. lecithin is great for lowering cholesterol and building bile for proper fat digestion.

    Taurine is another which is an amino acid which is used in the formation and acitivty of bile. Helps the hepatatic system and can often be low in vegans.

    Like i say though keep up the bitters and make sure there coming in contact with the back of your tongue for a few seconds as there the best choice. Your consuming them pre-meal eh?


  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    i forgot to say supplementing with turmeric before fatty foods is very effective also, turmeric helps increase bile flow and the breakdown of fats.

    i had similar problems with nuts and other fatty foods luckily now im fine due to the above, i was deficient on fat soluable vitamins such as vitamins A, D and E. I never got tests of fatty acids but i guess its likely i was low in those also which can account for alot of symptoms let alone deficiences in the above.


  • Thanks, Powerlifer :) Yep I'm doing the bitters before my meal. And there is tumeric in them so that's good. I will try the lecithin. Maybe it'll just take some time. Thanks again!

  • Hi Powerlifer, I hope you are well. I was wondering, in your opinion, what do you feel is the idea diet? I noticed, in another thread, that you mentioned you didn't think 100% raw was a very healthy diet? Also, what are your thoughts on the 80-10-10?

    Every day I struggle with trying to figure out what is the best diet for me. Because I am sensitive to nuts and seeds (which sucks because I love them sooo much), I thought about trying the 80-10-10. Even tried to dabble with it for a couple of days but the amount of fruit and sugar just seems too much. People say it cures candida - but I can't help but wonder if it merely suppresses it?

    Since you are someone who has overcome the same health issues that I have, I'm curious - what kind of diet/regimen do you keep?

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Hey beaglelove:), i would say the ideal diet depends on the person and/or there health issues.

    Im a big fan of the raw diet im just not sure long term if its that healthy, i know quite a few people who went raw had good results then long term started having all types of issues.

    As for myself ive went through quite a few phases of diet from meat eater, to veggie, to vegan, to high raw, to near full raw, back to vegan, high raw vegan with some meat etc. I like to change it all the time mostly when i crave something i just have it these days and in turn im staying well because of it.

    My body couldnt handle the 80-10-10, i guess my digestion isnt cut out for eating 3 bananas at once let alone 50 a day.

    Ill say though there are many experts who believe that adrenal fatigue isnt curable on a non meat diet.


  • Thanks powerlifer. I wonder if the meat/adrenal thing has to do B12. Well, I appreciate your input and can't help but agree. I've noticed sometimes I want something different (be it steamed veggies or cooked lentils). With respect to having days where there is a craving, yeah they say your body tells you what it needs. Sometimes our spirit requires different things(diets) of us. I bet some people cause more harm stressing about their diet, than good.

    Anyway, thanks again!

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    For sure about the stressing element, ive seen those with adrenal/candida issues who stress heavily about everything they eat getting reactions etc then when they stop stressing the reactions go away.

    i believe they say the meat/adrenal thing is to do with the amino acids and sufficient quantities of others not gained on vegan diets. If done right though and supplementation vegan should be ok i reckon.


  • Hi Powerlifer :) I hope all is well with you! So in your opinion, what would be the best adaptogenic herbs to support the adrenals. I'm thinking about taking them in liquid form. Lately, I've been hearing about the negative effects of magnesium stearate - and it seems to be in every capsule! Nevertheless, I'm trying to reduce the amount of encapsulated supplements (i.e. Ortho Adapt herbs).... What do you know about magnesium stearate?


  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Hey Beaglelove, ive just recently blended a fair amount of my own herbal adaptogenic and adrenal supporting herb formula if your interested.

    It contains: nettle leaf(good for the b vitamins, supporting the adrenal/thyroid/liver/kidneys), amla berry(for the vitamin C), kelp(for the minerals and supporting the thyroid), then the staple is 4 of my favorite adaptogenic herbs - ashwagandha, jiaogulan, schizandra berry and suma root.

    Tinctures and liquid form im not keen on as the alcohol can change the effects of many of the herbs aswell as completely stop some effects. Powders are the way forward in my opinion.

    My favorite adaptogens in order is schizandra berry, jiaogulan, licorice root, ashwagandha, suma root, maca root.

  • Thanks powerlifer - good to know - yes the alcohol would concern me!

    And yes I'm definitely interested in your herbal formula! How would you like to proceed with this?

    Thanks again :)


  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Im in the process of uploading it to the site now, should be up in the next 20-30 minutes under the herbal pack section. Or i can send you a paypal invoice.

    Nice one, im sure you'll like it covers all the bases well and contains a good range of adaptogens:).


  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Thats it all added now Stacy under the herbal packs section, any questions dont hesistate to ask:).



  • Hi Powerlifer :) Excellent I see it - its the combo pack, right? How is it packaged? Capsules or is it straight powder? I think I can just order it with my visa through the site if you prefer. Do you know if there is a way to avoid fees for the currency exchange? I ordered some raw foods from Canada once and got hit with fees. If not, no worries, I'm sure its worth the purchase! Exciting! This will give me a chance to order the jiaogulan tea too!

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Hey Beaglelove, its the product under the combo pack. Called adrenal support powder ill link

    It comes as the powder which is the best way to take, it will also give some bitter properties also so try to make sure it comes in contact with the back of your tongue when you swallow. The easiest way i find to take powders is just in an ounce or two of water and mix.

    We use paypal but you dont need to have a paypal account, theres a bit where you can pay on paypals page with the visa:). Im not sure on the currency fee thing sorry, my American friend hasnt said anything so far about it if so.


  • OK - thanks!!

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