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Hello folks. I'm from England and just joined. I'm a vegan but not a raw one.I hope it is ok to join not being a raw vegan? I have been interested in raw veganism/raw food for awhile now. My inspiration has come from two raw vegans in Iceland- Jonsi from Sigur Ros and his American partner Alex. Their recipes are simply divine! I haven't an electric blender so unable to make most of their recipes but me and a friend made their strawberry pie with ahand one and it was gorgeous- like a vegan cheesecake! Even my mother loved it!

I am suffering from chronic eczema and have been researching into wholefood and raw food diets and seen many testimonies online that it clears up eczema for life! I have been feeling for awhile now that this is the diet I need to adopt. I don't know if I'll go 100% raw but certainly wholefood (I will start this next week). I cannot afford an electric blender as yet as sadly I am unemployed.I do have a smoothie maker so will be making lots of fresh fruit smoothies. I will do my next grocery shopping next week and will be going wholefood (with a good proportion raw) theron.

What I'd like to ask you all if I may:

Have any of you cured chronic skin complaints with a raw food diet?

Where do you get your vitamin D and B12 from?

(calcium is fine as many fruits and vegetables have calcium).

Many thanks!



  • So far I've been taken suppliments for D and B12 but I hope to change that over time after being raw for longer. I know its more difficult to get enough B12, with vitamin D I just make sure I go for a 15 minute walk even if its terrible outside (but I have Seasonal Affective Disorder so the winter time is terrible for me)

    Mostly its just knowing the fruits and veg your eating and eating appropriately depending on what your body needs.

    On another note I know what its like not having the proper equipment to make certain things. Right now I have a blender and a food processor. It helps a lot but I wish I had a dehydrator. :(

  • greenwoodgreenwood Raw Newbie

    Hi there! I'm doing fine for B12 as it is in the tropical fruit juice I get from Lidl and in the flax/nut powder I get. I'm supplementing vitamin D as I have to stay in out of the sun at the moment as it makes my itchy red eczema worse.

  • I've been getting better with B12 over time I know that nutritional yeast has some (heard somewhere that its not raw though) and sunflower seeds.

    I've gotten a lot more flax seeds lately as I just puree them with everything from smoothies to the pesto I made today! In just small amounts it makes a huge difference!

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