New! $2 Eco Chef App: raw recipes, photos, videos for iPhone, iPod, iPad! INFO...

Hi there is a new $2 Eco Chef App for the iPhone, iPod and iPad that is all raw recipes, raw videos, raw food photos and tons of fun, features and innovations. It became available on June 22, 2010 and in a week got on the TOP TEN List of and APP Store ranking #4 on the 4th of July with all 5 star ratings and reviews! Apple even chose Eco Chef App to be featured in the NEW AND NOTEWORTHY front page of Website. The reviews are in people love Eco Chef App and it is available Nationwide and Worldwide. It is easy to get it by typing in Eco Chef in the APP Store but here is the direct link on so you can read more about and see the reviews and sample graphic pages:

For people who don't have an iPhone the best selling RAW IN TEN MINUTES books and DVDs are available on

Enjoy and keep on RAWCKIN' ! :o)

Eco Chef Bryan Au

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