raw meeting

I went to my first raw meeting last night. It was wondeful! The people were so friendly and radiant! There was this one guy who looked so beautiful, his skin was unlike I have ever seen on a man. He had been 100% raw for nine years. I have never seen someone so healthy looking. I tried some really wonderful dishes. One was a raw apple pie that was to “live for”. I couldn’t believe it was raw! The person who made it said she got the recipe from a book called, “raw made simple”. I am going to have to buy that book just to get that recipe! Someone else made a lovely fruit salad with a gorgeous nut cream. I felt like I was eating forbidden food. hehe… but it was all raw and healthy. I am so hooked.. I am going to more meetings now.. I encourage anyone to check out the raw get togethers in their area and if there isn’t one.. start one!

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