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Raw Wife Swap

I have been contacted by the producers of Wife Swap in the UK. They are looking for a raw family to go on the show. I am not at all interested in appearing on it. If anyone else in the UK is keen then let me know and I will give you the details.



  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Wife swap? Perhaps I’ve been too long without a television…

  • It’s not as dirty as it sounds…lol! I’ve only seen it a couple of times (it didn’t find it very intelligent or stimulating) but the premises is that they take 2 wives (from very different families i.e a healthy, environmentally conscious, vegetarian family vs a family of carnivores, with little interest in health or conservation of the planet) and trade households for 2 weeks. The women take on the other family members as their own. The first week she lives by the other wife’s routine , the second week making the family live more as she would in her own home. There is usually lots of conflict when the wife tries to implement new changes into her adopted family (new foods/chores/routine).

  • Priceless OnePriceless One Raw Newbie

    I guess the one that they did in the US was brutal. Not something that I want to volunteer for.

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    What the ??? haha whats going on in the world these days? :)

  • i saw an episode of that show- i watched it because they were switching a raw vegan mom from arizona with a demented (sorry to say that, but she was) hunting mom.

    the meat-eating children were misbehaving screaming devil children, and the raw vegan child was serene, mature, and intelligent. the fathers had similar personalities to their children.

    the raw mom prepared meat dishes for her adopted family because that’s what they wanted, but she chose not to eat it. the meat-eating mom tried to force the vegan dad and child to eat meat.

    and somehow, given all this, the network managed to make the raw vegan family seem like the weirdos, and the meat-eating family as the normal ones. it made me absolutely sick.

    i hope if anyone decides to be on a show like this, you will really think about it first!

  • Ugh. That does not sound like something I’d enjoy watching!!

  • Absolutelty not. I laughted at the two emails they have now sent me. I emailed them back and told them what I thought of the show. They replied with some twaddle about how they are changing the show to be more educational and less hideous. Hmm. Dont think its me thats going to test out whether that is true or not. Its funny. They contacted me a year ago aswell because they were also looking for a home schooling family. Not likely.

  • I LOVE THAT SHOOOW! Hehehe, but I love it only because they show the absolute bi polarities of the families. Once they took a family that was ALL about their 5 year old daughters BEAUTY PAGEANTS and one where the mom wouldn’t even let her daughter brush her hair… It was muy interesante… But, I only like watching it. Would never, NEVER sign up for it, and you probably shouldn’t either.. Unless they pay you obscene amounts of money :D

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    They contacted me to to go on Wife Swap UK. They came over to our house and interviewed us. We were not sure about it and then we saw what they did to the USA raw food wife swap, and read about it on We Like It Raw website. I knew for certain that it wasn’t for me! We definately will not be going any further with it! Interestingly, they pay $10,000 to USA participants, and they don’t pay anything to the UK participants. They made all kinds of comments about how they were going to treat the USA people fairly and present raw food in a balanced way, and saying stuff like wouldn’t it be great to raise the profile of raw food?! and I hear that the end result, the programme they made was awful and completely detrimental to how us raw foodies are percieved. Check out We Like It Raw www.welikeitraw.com for the whole story. There’s going to be much more media interest in raw food in the UK as it gets more popular, I will be saving myself for something less sensational, exploitative, and potentially harmful to our raw food movement.

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    GypsyIX I saw the episode with the vegan family and hunting family swap and although they tried to make the vegan family seem weird. In the end the vegan diet didn’t look like a bad thing to at least implement on the kids.

    Those kids were so hyper and crazy and once they couldn’t eat all that high sugar and fat food they calmed down tremendously. It is a good example that high sugar diet isn’t good for the kids diet.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Just in case anyone is giving the Wife Swap producers the benefit of the doubt…. Found in the Independent On Sunday newspaper this weekend, an article where the writer meets a man who’s girlfriend has just gone for an interview to work with the Wife Swap team, she was told..

    “You will be moving into the family’s home and living with them, you’ll become friends…then you will shit on them from a great height. Can you handle that?”

    She declined the job.

  • Zoe, Jees that is crap (no pun intended!) Initally I was rather intrigued by the show’s premise and the possibility it offered for understanding of diverse families. However, it became just as you indicated – an opportunity for ratings and appealing to the basest level of humanity. We stopped watching that show and Trading Spouses. They truly pick the polar opposites and watch them have a go at each other…shaking head…good for you not getting involved!

  • The only show that seems to have done this “right” was the Black and White series on FX: http://www.fxnetworks.com/shows/originals/black…

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    The producers were so nice/understanding/interested etc in us when we met them, They were obviously putting on an Oscar winning performance!

  • I saw an episode of the raw vegan wife swap. They didn’t have a stove in their house…

    Didn’t the mother start cooking food at the end??? I know they didn’t start eating meat but I do think they convinced the raw vegan mom to start cooking vegetarian meals for her family and even gave her a new stove. Did anyone see this episode? It probably aired about a year ago. I just remember being very dissapointed by the outcome.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Yes I saw that episode, and yes, the mom started to add back some steamed veggies into her diet. I too was very disappointed in the episode because they made it come off like the meat-eating family “saved” the raw mom. I was absolutely disgusted when the raw mom first refused to cook meat for the meat-eaters, and so the husband went out right then and there and killed some animal for dinner and made her prepare it. It was so sad to watch. The kids were horribly behaved too!

  • I saw a preview for the Wife Swap episode for Wednesday, May 14, 2008 and I think they will have another vegetarian family on the show.

    Coste/Ives Wed May 14 8/7c A wife who dotes on her gas-guzzling husband swaps lives with an eco-friendly artist who makes her kids ride bikes in the Arizona heat in order to save the planet.

  • I don’t live in the UK, but even if I did, I most certainly wouldn’t want to subject myself to somebody elses problem (husband) Ick! Couldn’t imagine shacking up with a strange man and his strange family!! Plus I’m kidless, and there is a reason for that. ZERO PATIENCE!! God sounds aweful.

    Would you like me to tell you how I really feel?! :) Ha ha!!

  • I saw the raw episode also and I must say the raw Mom had some uh interesting ideas She talked about how she thought that she could train her body to get all its nutrients from the sun by staring into it! Um there are tons of people around the world in sunny places that are starving to death I just that that was silly and kinda made the raw vegan life seem kind of unintelligent (sorry if this offends anyone)

  • You know, alot of people think we raw foodies are nuts to begin with. Now because of that show people all over will start to believe it. You can’t get all your nutrients from the sun! We are not capable of photosynthesis. We are not plants. Sombody saying such a thing is undermining our cred, big time!!!

  • exactly it was very damaging to our credibility. Can you imagine all the sad eaters watching that episode they must thing all raw foodies are even more nuts then they already think we are! If they want another raw food wife swap I hope they find a nice sensible person to go on there to represent us.

  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    I recently saw an episode of wife swap with a raw food family… The raw food family were eating mostly raw eggs, meat and dairy, all of which they grew themselves. They sounded like primal dieters to me, really. They were made out to be much bigger freaks than most of you think of right now. The other family were extremely proud to say they eat out 3 times a day and found the thought of making your own food ridiculous. The raw family would react hysterically to any changes the cooked mom tried to make, including making them use toothpaste (they brushed their teeth with butter) clean up their house with bleach (they didn’t clean it much at all) and eat out (they went out for burgers and got terribly ill) At the end the raw family felt stronger in their views and the cooked family decided to be more watchful of what they put in their mouths, considering they don’t ever actually know what it is. Oh, and apparently, after this, the raw family got in trouble: http://www.realitytvworld.com/news/wife-swap-ap…

  • Oh, I love that show. It’s so funny! But their portrayals of “different” people is always somewhat skewed. Most of the time the person(s) they choose are not really representive of the group as a whole, so everyone ends up thinking they are freaks, what with all the editing and stuff. I just find it amusing, but I never saw the raw episodes. Does anyone know a place where you can watch it? Thanks (:

  • Ok, I know someone who worked on that show and she told me the producers script everything. EVERYTHING. Like, before shooting a scene, they’ll tell each family member what they’re supposed to do—start an argument with Sis, kick the dog, complain about the food, you name it. Nothing is real. It’s all totally staged.

    Sometimes they don’t even use the family’s real house. If the real house is too hard to shoot in, they will put the family up in another house or apartment for the two weeks.

    Nothing is spontaneous, real, or left to chance. It’s all scripted.

  • SueSue

    I agree greenie, everything on TV is scripted for ratings. That’s what’s it’s all about, especially reality TV.

  • @ emmie, I don’t think a nice sensible person would go on the show, though ;) oh greenie, you robbed me of my last illusions. I only saw wife swap a couple of times, and enough that was. never was quite sure how much on tv is scripted and how much isn’t. good thing my tv’s only for dvd’s. cheerios!

  • Oh, greenie, that sucks. I guess I kind of knew that about “reality” TV, anyway though. It’s really dumb.

  • Haha….agreed with rawsapling…my tv is not even hooked up to local cable!! It’s only movies for me…

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    The one in the UK is at the real person’s house. But the wife has a researcher shadowing her and staying there with her too, she’s not there alone, plus they have a producer, soundperson and 2 camera people there too. I met these researchers, and I can tell you, they are the kind of people who will try to get you to say and do stuff, THEY want you to. Like they “guide” what goes on in the house by saying things like “So how d’you feel about what he said…I think you should say something to him, you shouldn’t let him get away with that: etc…I am so glad we didn’t do it. You just have no control and could ruin your rep for nothing. If it went wrong (or right in the tv company’s eyes) People would always think of me as a mad person, well maybe they already do lol!!

    There’s a cooking competition called Britain’s Best Dish, I got called to go on it because of Purely Raw, and I am thinking of doing it. I don’t think it is a dodgy program like wife swap, it seems pretty straightforward, the prize is

  • All of these ‘reality’ shows are scipted out. These people are pretty much actors. They are told who they are going to like, who they are going to hate. John Q public wants to see people get in each others faces, they wanna see sparks fly. Do you think any one would watch these shows if everyone got along and there was no drama? Really sad actually!!

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