Wild Food Recipes

Does anyone have any good recipes that use wild foods? I read recently about how wild food is so much healthier than commercially grown food (a lot more vitamins, etc.), so I'm trying to use more wild things in my diet. So far I've just been adding wild greens to my green smoothies, but I want to use wild food for other meals as well.

Anyone got any recipe ideas?


  • I love the way your thinking! I been getting wild blueberries, get a huge bag at like cosco and put them on everything they are highest antioxidant levels fruit and since it's wild it is picked from the wild and practically untouched and uncultivated when grown!, I been putting them in my SP Complete and rice protein raw protein shake with young organic spinach and blackberries and raspberries and wild blueberries and strawberries, sorry I don't have any recipes, but maybe I can find something, I can try to find something wait.. My hollistic nutrtitionest has a couple really good cook books and they are wonderful let me see if I can find something!

    EDIT: not just wild foods, anything raw and organically grown or even conventional organic is better then commercial unwild.

    The only thing you will find wild is like berries, everything else is grown either organic or commercial.

    So grown Organic is basically just as good as wild!

    Make sure your hydrated before you eat this

    and have something with some good fats.

    So the balance doesn't throw you out of homeostasis.

    Try this recipe and tell me if you like I honestly never tried but it HAS to be delicious!

    1 head Kale

    1-2 tablespoons olive oil

    1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon sea salt, to taste

    1/2 avocado (You can't go wrong with Avocado it Mexico's wonder fruit, You can buy commercial if you want or Organic, they don't use any pesticides on it.

    1 cup baby plum tomatoes, chopped

    2 green onions, chopped

    Juice from 1/2 lemon

    Shred kale into small strips and remove the woody stems. Add olive oil and massage into the kale. Add the sea salt and mix in well. Add avocado, chopped tomatoes, and onions and mix in. Add the lemon juice and give a good final mix.

    I love salads I eat them all the time and try to add variety to my meals!

    Try this or if you don't want to I can write another one for you there are tons.

    Let me say I have not tried alot of the recipes in this book but have gone to the cooking classes at the Well of Life and have tried over 7 recipes in the book and NOT one was not incredibly delicious everything was just delicious I ate that stuff and walked out and you could literally smell the good food I ate!!

    Blessings, Dylan

    Anything particular you would like soups salads meals appetizers?!

    I have the book right here and it is called Cooking with the Seasons by Cynthia Hoffman my Hollistic Nutrtionest

  • Wooooo foraging!!! The quality of wild food depends where you are. Some areas (like mine - north-west Ireland) have a big variety of wild edibles, but other places can be a bit tough. Do your research, there are loads of books about wild food out there. Even standard plant identification books and websites sometimes tell you what's edible. And I wouldn't worry about recipes. The flavours of many wild plants are so much more intense than anything you can buy that you won't feel the need for fancy combinations!

  • Exploring the wilderness for ingredients can be such a rewarding experience. I remember my first wild berry picking trip—it felt like connecting with nature in a whole new way. Those berries ended up in a delicious jam that became a family favorite.

    If you're looking to incorporate more wild foods into your meals, consider making a wild greens pesto with foraged herbs like wild garlic or dandelion greens. It's a vibrant twist on a classic sauce that pairs beautifully with pasta or grilled vegetables.

    Another idea is to use wild mushrooms in a hearty soup or as a topping for pizza. Their robust flavor adds depth to dishes that store-bought varieties simply can't match.

    For more culinary inspiration and tips on cooking with wild ingredients, you might find some helpful insights at CooksCrafter Kitchen Tips. It's a great resource to expand your cooking repertoire and make the most of your foraged treasures.

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