Mother of all Superfoods

Yes dear brothers and sisters-in-raw, the first food and first plant of Nature, is the lowest on the food chain. It has the highest nutritional profile. This plant has been measured at 400 times more energy than any plant on earth. It is responsible for 90% of our Oxygen with 3 times the Omega 3 than fish oil…. And it is in a Category above the rest… What is this rawsome plant? This revealing video tells the story … And You’ll find out why this is our greatest Nutrient Dense Perfect discovery in over 30 years on living foods…

Brother Sage


  • brothersage,

    I just watched the video. It’s very interesting. Have you used this product?



  • yes brother. I have been drinking FrequenSea since Nov 2005. Great results. Clear head and long energy. Our cat loves it,too. Many of my live foods associates are using and marketing frequenSea

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