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So I finally am able to make a purchase for the kitchen. I have a fairly good blender but would think a higher powered one might be better. Should I invest in a juicer, a dehydrator or a fancy new blender????? What are your thoughts on juicing in general,I’ve heard different views on this. THANK-YOU.


  • If you’re going to get a bender get a Vitamix 5000. If you’re going to get a dehydrator, get a excalibur, if you’re going to get a juicer get a champion.

    Juicing is great, find out for yourself by buying a juicing book and try out recipes from them. That’s how I got addicted to it. I don’t go on Juicing fasts, but I drink juice everyday from my juicer! I love it!

  • You should think about your eating habits before you buy your new machine.. Are you more of a simple recipe person who prefers smoothies and easy to make foods? Then you would benefit most from a new high-speed blender.. do you like crackers, cookies, breads and such? Then your best choice is a dehydrator if you like juices or pates or nut butter alot then you would want to buy a juicer, something like the Champion which has a blank plate that’s perfect for making those things.. It’s always nice to have a new machine that will expand your options for foods so if you are currently satisfied with the blender you have now you might think about what foods you would like to be having and buy the machine that is going to be the most helpful and the most used for those.. The final choice is yours but if it were me.. I would probably be buying a juicer before a dehydrator just because if I really wanted to make something that needed to be dehydrated there’s always the oven.. but it’s hard to substitute a juicer with something else… But that’s just me… Good luck! K-Mom

  • The first thing I bought when going Raw was a Vita-Mix, second was the dehydrator. I have to say I use my Vita-mix multiple times a day and I can’t live without it now. I find that I can make all the juice I need in the Vita-Mix. The above post gave some good advice, think about what you want to eat and make most often. If you go for the Vita-mix, I bought mine on ebay. I got the Super 3600 model. It is great and it looks really sweet too. I recommend this seller, Vitamixman>>> He really knows his stuff and he makes sure everyone he sells is in perfect working order before it goes to you. Mine came form an estate sale, he took the whole thing apart, cleaned it and put back together before selling it, I haven’t had any issues.


  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    I think the VitaMix can do just about the same work that the Champion can do (except, of course juice). I’m referring to making nut butters and ice cream. The Vita Mix can do the same. I use my food processor the most. I see you didn’t list that… so maybe you already have one. The next thing I use the most is the VitaMix. But, the dehydrator is good for keeping food longer… like for a week or 2 or more. So, we will eat our fresher foods first… and our dehydrates later in the week. Just depends. I rarely juice… and if I did, it’s because I am doing a juice fast. I never juice for “every day” use/food.

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    Great advice from K-mom. Definitely think about the foods you will be eating. I must say that when I first went raw I was dying to get a dehydrator and wanted one really bad… that purchase never happened and here I am a year later and I could care less about having a dehydrator! I did however buy a vitamix and that turned out to be one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I use it almost on a daily basis!

    My personal opinion would be to go for the high speed blender. Once again, a year ago I wished I had a juicer as well, but I prefer to blend rather than juice so for me it would’ve been a waste.

    Good luck to you in deciding!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Personally, if I had to make one purchase it would be a dehydrator. You can get by with crappy second hand blenders and juicers and food processors, but a dehydrator opens up a whole new world of gorgeousness for you and makes being raw a breeze. Imagine having a stack of bread, cookies, pizza and crisps waiting for you at home when you get in…

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