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what's your favorite exotic fruit?

I had a chance to try some new exotic fruit that our supermarket had this weekend (it can be hard to come by way up here in Ontario, Canada). They had dragonfruit, starfruit, granadilla to name a few. I didn’t purchase the dragon fruit (as it was $7 a pound) but did try a granadilla (a bit shocking- my DH described it as elephant snot in a tennis ball). I wasn’t a big fan and won’t buy it again. My starfruit is ripening (and smells gorgeous) and I’m anxious to try it. My only experience with starfruit is a lame piece tossed into restaurant fruit salad- it wasn’t very tasty. Anyway, all that aside- I’m wondering what your favorite exotic fruit is, so that it will help me next time I go shopping. Thanks!



  • Pomegranate’s are mine, though I know they are not that exotic anymore.

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    Bananas and all the varieties of them. Baby or finger bananas, manzano or red bananas, and plantains. I love durians, papayas, champagne mango, young coconut, avocado, and lychees.

  • SystemSystem Raw Newbie

    Papayas, papayas, papayas! Lychees are really good too. But they’re expensive here, so my bugdet prefers sticking to apples. I must admit I am addicted to grapes though…

  • I just tried durian fruit (thailand) while at a Raw tasting. It was delicious minus the aroma it airs:-)

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    ahh no one mention durian anymore I want some like right now :)

  • I had my first fresh fig this year over at Ray’s house. It was love at first bite! But I haven’t seen them in any stores for months now. Must be a late summer treat.

  • Fresh figs are only in season for a short time each year. I think it is only about 6 weeks. They are my all time favorite fruit, so my mother bought me a fig tree for my birthday last year. It is due to bare fruit this year. I guess then I’ll see firsthand how long the season actually is. Right now, I just have to satisfy my cravings with dry figs.

    I love exotic fruits. I’m always buying mangoes (I have to agree with humananimal about the champagne mangoes), young coconuts, avocados, bananas, papayas, starfruit and pomegranates. I also eat a lot of dragonfruit, although I’ve only been able to find it dried.

    I hope to one day get my hands on a durian. I’ve heard so much about them. I just hope I can deal with the smell.

  • Priceless OnePriceless One Raw Newbie

    Persimmons aren’t exotic but they are a really fun treat. I think they have a short season like figs. Love, love, love figs! I am starting a new garden on the new property and I have decided to put in a persimmon tree. Who knows if we will be here long enough to enjoy it but, oh well.

  • anyone ever have a horned melon? very tasty but my fav is pomegranite

  • AleBrazilAleBrazil Raw Newbie

    AÇAI! #1 Superfood!

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    Persimmons, Guinneps but I doubt you can get it.

  • I did try a canary melon…quite sweet and not as musky as honeydew or cantalope (sp?). Hubby enjoyed it too, and it’s hard for me to get him to eat fruit in the morning. He’ll usually takes some on his way out the door. It’s bright yellow, cheap when in season, and worth a try if you can get your hands on one.

  • Exotic – meaning rare? or tropical? Well, pineapple is my favorite and it is tropical. Plus young coconuts. But other than that, I like sapadilla and starfruit. Several other tasty fruits that I like, but can’t remember which ones they were, but I tried them at the Fruit and Spice Park in Florida. If you want to sample a lot of exotic fruit, I highly recommend going there. You can eat anything that has fallen on the ground. I must have ate about 6 starfruit.

  • Mine would have to be mango and papaya. we cannot get organic anything here… and the mangoes and papayas are small and tasteless but hey…they give me memory triggers for when I lived in the US and could get anything I wanted. You guys are very very lucky to have access to all the bounties of south american and the caribeean, acai, star fruit, etc… :))

    For me its bananas, pineapples, and melons and occasionally papayas and mangoes.

  • Mine are young coconuts. I rarely get them here, I have to go down to the city but they are heavenly a pack so much energy!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I agree Nagev, young cconuts…I could eat them all day every day…I will live on a desert island surrounded by them one day :)

  • Coconut meat and juice right out of a young coconut!!!!!!! Hands down!!! I am a better person after i had a young coconut.

  • Hungry Girl, Is that your weiner? I have 3 dachsunds and what a blast! That is a good lookin’ dog!-alla

  • RawAlla: Thank you. The Weiner is my ‘Master’!! Ha ha. He has been on a raw food diet for 4 years. He is very healthy. Wow, you have 3 Dashsunds?! You must be a busy ‘mom’.

  • Young coconuts and papaya. Where do you find Durian? I have never seen them in the grocery stores.

  • I would love to try Durian also, but don’t know who would carry the frest fruit here.

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    I keep hearing everyone mention durian but I have not seen it before. I will try another store and see.

  • I’ve only found durian at an asian market, it was frozen. I did not enjoy it, but I’d like to find a fresh one to try out.

  • Papaya,acai,jabuticaba,and maracuja.Love them all.

  • Also coconut.

  • Look at my photo. Need I say more?

  • SystemSystem Raw Newbie

    Has anyone tried chayote? How do you like it? Is it easy to digest?

  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    I would like to add Jack fruit to the list. I forgot how good they were until I had some today.

  • hehehe

    Hey all I’m new to the site and live on the island of Trinidad in the caribbean, and I was tickled pink( dont think I can ever get pink though, but thats besides the point). Nearly everything you all called is normal to me and no where near being Exotic. Sooooo funny enough exotic fruit to me would be strawberries( I love them) , champagne grapes, kiwi etc.

  • joseegonthier I’ve had chayote back home; it grew like weeds. We called it mirliton though. Unfortunately, though I’ve only had it cooked. I’m tempted to try it raw the next time that I go home. I remember it leaving a strange coating on my hands when I cleaned it for cooking.

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