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what kind of diet can someone eat,to change the color of eye

emmylemmyl Raw Newbie
help me out


  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    What are you trying to change your eye color to? 

  • Harmony1Harmony1 Raw Superstar

    You can make your eyes brighter and lighter through a healthy diet, but the color itself is dependent upon factors such as the muscles that make up the retina.

  • streem26streem26 Raw Jr. Leader

    Remember that genetics also plays a role in this and it isn't goimg to be the same for everyone. Also the colour of our eyes is determined by chemicals e.g. melanin. A change in chemicals can lead to a change in eye colour, (however you would probably also have to have the genes for the particular eye colour I would say). Further, disease, trauma and aging CAN change your eyes also, for as we know these three things can create chemical changes within the body.

  • davidwdavidw Raw Newbie

    Let's start off by saying that your eye color is determined by genetics.
    A diet has very little to do with someones eye color since it's subjected to the amount of melanin underlying the iris of the eye. Melanin is the main component of pigment in the human body. It determines skin color, hair color, and eye color (lower/higher amounts make different colors). The lightening of someones eyes may have something to do with melanin’s inability to attach to the iris. This is probably caused by a disease or it could be genetics. Hypnosis states that through information submitted to your subconscious your iris' pigmentation level will change but this has not be proven nor does your subconscious influence your genes, so that's a definite no. Iris laser surgery on the other hand is proven to make brown eyes blue by removing the brown pigment layer of the front surface of the iris. Also, intense sunbathing can make your eyes darker through the absorption of concentrated shortwave length light.

  • NickNick Raw Newbie

    It's impossible to change your eyes color with the help of a diet! only surgery can help I suppose. But experts recommend even more simple ways: to wear colored lenses and experiment with clothes. It will be cheaper and, most likely, safer.

  • Richa94Richa94 Raw Jr. Leader

    There is no connection between the color of the eyes and diet. If you really want to change the color of your eyes, then wear contact lenses of choice or else go surgery.

  • kaleyjkaleyj Raw Newbie

    I don't think it is possible to change your eyes color, except for the lens.

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