Low Glycemic Recipes??

Hi! Does anyone recommend any low glycemic recipes? I would like to try to drink a more low glycemic smoothie and other foods but am feeling like it is going to be hard to do. Has anyone else tried this?


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    Low glycemic isn’t that complicated. I am slightly hypoglycemic and have to watch out from things that would make my blood sugar go crazy. It’s easy though. Smoothies are easy, all you have to do is avoid sweeteners like dates, syrups and such, and make sure that with the slightly higher gylcemic fruit (like bananas) you’d combine some kind of green to slow its absorption, or fat. Juices are higher glycemic always, so don’t even bother unless they’re green juices. You’d be hard pressed to make a salad that would cause blood sugar problems… So you have that right there. I would focus on low glycemic fruit if I were you, like green apples, grapefruit, cherries, most berries, peaches and apricots, and avoid high ones like watermelon, dates (obviously) and grapes. Unsweet fruit is also very good (tomatos etc) And grains are better avoided or kept to a minimum (corn is pretty high) There are many lists online for glycemic index, you might want to research those. And good luck!

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    A great combo for a smoothie is kale and peaches or nectarines. We found out while experimenting with my mom that it didn’t make her blood sugar go up more than a few points, and always within normal.

  • Hi Spirited Mama and Morning theft! Thanks for the info! I am suprised about the peaches and nectarines. When I was at the TOL they don’t use any fruit. I was suffering major detox symptoms and I’m not sure if it was the sugar or not- itcould have been the lack of caffeine. But I am going to try to kick both but keep a small amount of fruit in.

  • low glycemic, high glycemic, god i love sweetners. (sorry if my response wasnt helpful)

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    In TOL, to my knowledge, the reason they would avoid fruit isn’t because of their glycemic index but because they contain sugar, and you’d want to avoid any kind of sugars at all on their program, which is meant to eliminate candida and other parasites (I think). If you’re still drinking coffee on a regular basis, then yes, it was definitely the caffeine that would cause detox symptoms. I wouldn’t analyze it so much, I was on a low-sugar diet for a while thinking I have candida, and felt AMAZING once I decided to eat fruit again. Not to mention that fruit is extremely cleansing. Is that the reason you want to eat low glycemic? Sorry, I didn’t mean to blabber…

  • after reading this post i thought your question was a great one and did some research on it. apon research i have found that blue agave seems to have the lowest glycemic and blueberries, raspberries, cranberries would be good for smoothies.

    Organic Blue Agave has a glycemic index of only 11 (sugar has a glycemic index of 68-85).

    now this is just skimming through various websites, not upon extensive research. so if you really want to know you could write down the glycemic index of each individual sweetner, fruit and then compare.

    heres another. i got this from http://www.wholesomesweeteners.com/glycemicinde… (frequently used in soft drinks and refined foods) Glucose* 99 white bread* 139 Sugar (from sugar cane or sugar beets) Glucose 110 white bread* 157

    Glucose Measure White Bread Measure* Wholesome Sweeteners Blue Agave Nectars Glucose* 28 white bread 39 Fruit sugars (from apples, pears and plums) Glucose* 19 white bread* 32 PURE maple syrup Glucose* 54 white bread* 75 Honey Glucose 55 white bread* 78 Pancake Syrup Glucose* 98 white bread 137 High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • WOW Thank you so much for that info! I am a lot more clear on it now! I thought that low glycemic meant no fuit but it’s the kind of fruit! In general I started eating more fruit since I went raw but not huge quantities like some people. So I think the caffeine is what I will have to cut back on. The other thing I have is that my hands really shake if I don’t eat. I wonder what the experts say about that. Would they say to eat fruit or not at that point or to continue to not eat fruit and my body would adjust..

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    I follow a low gi raw diet as much as possible. Some of my recipes might interest you.

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