Substitute for solid plate??!!

Hi Has anyone used a substitute for the solid plate in a champion juicer? Would food processing do the same thing? I can’t stand it anymore not knowing! Is a champion juicer better than other juicers for any reason?


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Yes food processing does work like a champion. It just makes food go like pate.

    Yes Champion is great. It is really easy to use. It has a masticating mechanism that chews all the juice out, and the pulp just shoots out one end. You can shove anything into it and it will chew it up…except greens. That is the one drawback, it doesn’t do greens. If I was going to buy one again it would be the greenstar or any other masticating juicer that also does greens…but I love my Champion!

  • Thanks Zoe! I really appreciate your reply!

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