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Hi beautiful raw people!,

I just wanted to submit a part of an article that discusses the physiological energy available from raw food. If you want to read the whole article there is a link but you may have to create an account for yourself- user name and password. I would recommend it anyway because there is some really good stuff there.

This article is the best one I have read yet discussing the scientifically studied effects of a raw food life style which seriously involves getting outside to help your insides. Go sailing, sunbathing, swimming- that’s an order! =*)

“Dr. Johanna Budwig from Germany holds degrees in physics, pharmacy, biochemistry, and medicine and is one of the first researchers to combine an in-depth knowledge of quantum mechanics and physics with an in-depth knowledge of human biochemistry and physiology. She has concluded that not only do electron-rich live foods act as high-powered electron donors, but electron-rich foods act as solar resonance fields in the body to attract, store, and conduct the sun


  • Might as well put this here.

    But I have been about 95 percent raw for about 6 months, and have been appx 100 percent for about 2 months.

    Everyone I have ever spoken to tells me that they have all this energy being raw, that they require less sleep, and always feel wonderful.

    I do feel a significant health increase, and I have been able to workout harder than ever before. But I really never feel the true energy increase they talk about. I still need 8 hours of sleep just to function, sometimes even more. When I do feel energized, it feels like antsy energy, where I just move my feet a lot and want to grind my teeth when Im sitting.

    My sleep hasnt gotten any better. Because I even feel that antsy energy when I sleep, like I move around a lot, which hasnt happened before. Any susggestions?

  • Hi JDK- One thing that might help is celery. I usd it in my Sunshine Soup or you can just juice a cup full. It is supposed to be a great nerve tonic. The other thing is, have you tried sprouting amaranth or quinoa? They have so many great things in them- you could try cookies or adding them to raw granola bars or just blending them up really well and adding to salad dressing. I read an article that said that people who are athletes need more sleep than other people. So I wouldn’t be too worried about that.

    But quality-wise make sure and read something uplifting before you go to bed and play some instrumental music, and light some insense or candles to put you in a relaxed mood. Maybe even try writing in a journal. But I would recommend writing something like part of a poem and not focussing on issues at that time of day.

    Here is a nice poem about a place you will be (and can be now in your dreams)by a lady named Emma Lazarus that is nice:

    Forth in the sunlit, rain-bathed air we stepped, Sweet with the dripping grass and flowering vine,

    We saw through irised clouds the pale sun shine. Back o’er the hills the rain-mist slowly crept

    Like a transparent curtain’s silvery sheen; And fronting us the painted bow was arched,

    Whereunder the majestic cloud-shapes marched: In the wet, yellow light the dazzling green

    Of lawn and bush and tree seemed stained with blue. Our hearts o’erflowed with peace.

    With smiles we spoke Of partings in the past, of courage new.

    Of high achievement, of the dreams that create; Wonder and glory in so many ways…

    Bask in life’s music; etched in sunny days.

  • Thanks. I havent been sprouting foods at all. How would I go about doing that with amaranth or quinoa?

    I check out the celery thing. One good think about celery is that its cheap. So it might be a good thing to do.

  • writeeternity.. I love you you are Fabulous I think we really are twins! I really appreciated this post Thanks alot!

    JKD-soccer801 My best advise is dont worry about it, when you are antsy use that time for your martial arts, and when you are lower use it to relax.

    My family has a history of Bi polar..I dont think I have it but I do have prononced cycles of highs and lows, creativity and inactivity, etc. I used to try to fight it but now I just go with the FLOW! You are exactly where, how and who you need to be right now, you will never BE HERE NOW again!


    Peace Love and Light

  • Hi Jdk and Ambikalee!

    Jdk all you have to do is soak them in a jar or bowl for a couple hours. Then pour out the water. If you use a jar you can take a small piece of screen and secure it to the top of the jar with a rubber band or wire to keep the grains in there. You can usually use them after the first night but just keep growing and rinsing a couple times a day for as long as you like. It’s easier to keep them from spoiling if you keep them in the fridge but it’s not necessary if you keep your eye on them. If you don’t have a screen you can cut the leg off of a pair of pants and use that if you want shorts or a t-shirt. I have left them in a strainer before and that has worked but you need a strainer with little holes in it.

    They are really super foods! The thing is sugar isn’t all it’s hyped up to be either. For instance if you eat a lot of fruit you’d think that that would give you this big burst of energy but compared to white sugar and caffeine there’s no comparison. But the thing is recently I when I went to the Tree of Life they serve low glycemic foods and I had more energy than I thought. I had an immediate response to the food during the meals- which is comparable to what I used to feel from a Starbucks mocha. On about the 3rd day I wasn’t feeling very well but that was probably due to the high elevation there and the fact I was having some caffeine withdrawl.

    But all I had for lunch was cucumber,lettuce, tomatoe, carrot, salad dressing made from sunflower seeds and some green juice. They usually had some kind of flax cracker, and avocados a couple times. I always had their amazing sprouts too. Twice they had purselane which was collected from the property as a wild green. It has a tart tangy taste and is high in omega 3s. Even the day I wasn’t feeling well I ate anyway and felt so much better afterwards.

    Once you get the sprouts you could add them to a tabouli too. Let me know how it goes!

    Thanks Ambikalee! That is so awesome that you liked that too! You made me smile! =)

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