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Ok, I have finally decided I will need a juicer. Only thing is I already spent waay too much on a dehydrator (I’m actually regretting that purchase) and can’t spend a lot on a very good one. I’m wondering if I could get a cheap one (to possibly improve later) or is a good one a must (like a dehydrator, for example, if you get a cheap crappy one it will completely defeat the purpose by being too hot etc). So what should I be looking for?


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    I was thinking of getting one myself… until I discovered a way to make juice with a food processer and blender – first process your carrot, apple, celery, or whatever, until its liquified (add water or fresh squeezed orange juice) then blend for about 5 minutes. The result is a smooth and delicious juice, thin out with water for a juicier juice. Plus, no wasted pulp. And you get all the goodness. Maybe try that till you can afford a juicer (cheap ones cause a LOT of wasted pulp, more expensive tend to use more of the fruit/vegetable) Blessings Ciara

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    yeah, i do exactly what queera@ said, then sometimes i use a nut milk bag to strain out the pulp. it colors the bag, but if you have two, use one as a “juicer”

  • theres a juicer at costco for a little under 100 bucks. its a nice juicer and makes alot of juice.

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    justbeautiful, What kind of juicer is that? What would be a decent kind? What I’m asking is, is there a point to buying a cheap centrifugal juicer, or is it a waste of money and time? And the reason I would like to buy a juicer is because there are certain things I cannot seem to stomach at all, such heavier greens, not just because of the taste but I think because of the excess fiber. It makes my stomach hurt excruciatingly. So I would like to get rid of the pulp.

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    I recently got the Breville Juicer Juice fountain and I love it. It’s only about 90 dollars

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