raw food restaurants in south east uk or glastonbury uk?

ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

Me and Chris are off down south for a whille. We’ll be staying in Eastbourne for a few days and then to Glastonbury. I keep hearing that the South is where it is at raw food wise in the UK, but I haven’t found anywhere to go and have a meal made for us. Does anyone know of any raw food restaurants in either the South East or Glastonbury? Thanks.

P.S. I know about Shekinah Ashram in Glastonbury, but looking at their website I don’t think they are raw anymore.


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    is there really nowhere to get a raw meal in the UK?!

    someone needs to star a raw restaurant here it would be a gold mine, especially in brighton. Can’t believe no-one is doing anything.

  • Tell me about it. VitaOrganic is the only place to get a raw meal in London!! Zoe and Chris….start a restaurant PLEASE????I’ll come….Promise!! x

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