Lots of Lemons

kandacekandace Raw Newbie

I’ve recently come into a bunch of lemons (a bit overzealous in my thoughts of how many I would need during a cleanse). Anyhow, thoughts are turning towards food again and I am wondering if anyone has ideas for how to use them up and/or create something that can be preserved. Thanks!


  • shele24shele24 Raw Newbie

    I freeze them when they come into season. Then when I need one I leave it out on the counter to thaw and then juice it as I need it.

  • i believe i read in recipe once you can peel the rinds and soak in raw honey and then you have a nice sweet treat..chefraw.com

  • shele24shele24 Raw Newbie

    Yeah that recipe is on my page, it’s great. I do it after sqeezing out the juice though and using the peel.

  • writeeternitywriteeternity Raw Newbie


    Hi! Here is a web page with some interesting info on it. I suggest the lemon poppy seed biscotti. Lemon creme pie instead of key lime pie, lemon ice and a lemon “whipped creme”.

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