A body...

Hi I just heard the intro to a new t.v. show and I thought it sounded like it pertained to what people here think. Let me know what you think!

” A body is not a body, it is a crime scene, it is an unthinkable act, it is a puzzle waiting to be solved. A body is not a body. It’s a story waiting to be told.”

Kind of scary when you think of it!


  • MarichiesaMarichiesa Raw Newbie

    Was that by any chance from ‘CSI’? I can’t stand that show. But yeah I agree.. scary synopsis. Where is the love?!! Such violence directed towards a beautiful amazing mass of energy aka the human body.

    But wait.. maybe you meant that the human body is abused too often. As in ‘it tells a scary story’ ? That is true ( and scary) as well. Sorry if I misinterpreted your meaning. ;-)

  • Hi Marichiesa! I didn’t hear what show it was… but I don’t watch csi either! I was thinking that due to the sad diet the body IS a crime scene! Most people think there is a puzzle but it has to do with all the chemicals and additives people are eating that are causing all these problems people have. But it is still a story waiting to be told as people just don’t believe that these things could be actually hurting them.

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