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My Raw Photos (is there a place to put these?)

poemommpoemomm Raw Newbie

I’m posting them here, to chart my journey…is there somewhere official to do this?

b* This was me in Puerto Rico in May. Pretty typical ‘Naomi’ shot:

b* This is me one week, 100% raw:

So..what do you think?


  • MarichiesaMarichiesa Raw Newbie

    You look glowing! Your skin really does look terrific. All that clean livin!

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    You look great! How did you get the pictures to show up in your post like that? I wanted to do that a few times but couldn’t figure it out.

  • odalysodalys Raw Newbie

    Awww!! You look wondeful! And hey, it looks like you and I started 100% raw at the same time! How is it you look good and I look like I’ve had a bad week? Haha…

    Really great idea this was :)

  • poemommpoemomm Raw Newbie

    On to answers….

    1)I use photobucket and use the href code (the one under direct link). you’ll want to resize your photos or they’ll be huge. Of course, I wanted to show you my full body shot… but at the resize you can’t see the difference. However you CAN look at my profile shot to see the dif.

    2)I probably look good because I’ve been toyuing heavily with raw for about a month now. Had two weeks of probably 80% and then a week of terror when the cooking took control, lol.

    Also, I’ve no idea what your diet was before, but minoe was essentially (and has been for years) either entirely whole foods, vegetarian (the last 6 months or so) or vegan (the last month and a half or so).... so …

    And last… You look pretty darn good, IMO!

  • kundalalitakundalalita Raw Newbie

    wow you Do look like you are glowing. you’re hair looks shiny too. Lol that happened to me too, I was going good for a long time and then one week the cooked food was trying to make a coup.

  • kundalalitakundalalita Raw Newbie

    well this looks like just as good a place as any to post before and after pics! not sure if i followed your directions right… so hopefully it works! This is from cooked vegan to raw vegan.

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